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Aftermarket LED Headlights

Best Aftermarket LED Headlight in 2017

Headlights are a source of light which is attached to the front of a car and also is a useful device that can enable you to drive in the darkest of roads wherever possible. They are spherical or square at times when they are designed to fit the car correctly or just go with the looks of the car. But these many other uses than just illuminating the road ahead of you.

  • They have a function known as high beam and low beam which is very useful when it comes to driving on a two-way road.
  • It makes everything visible ahead of you and also makes sure that the person in from of you who is driving knows your presence.
  • Low beam is nothing but the ability of a headlight to make sure that the light is at its minimal power and can brighten the road in front of the driver not to an extent as all the light particles are scattered and not much goes ahead.
  • These are useful when you drive on the highway to enable the other person that you are there.
  • Then there are high beams which use the entire power of the headlight to display the brightest of beams to make sure the light covers maximum distance.

These are widely used in places which have zero visibility range and also come when you need to notify your presence while driving fast. Then there is best headlights to buy something called as Dipper which tends to dip or change from low to high beams simultaneously and also enables the person in from of you that you are right behind him or to make him give way to you. But in recent advancements, there are headlights which are also used in the daytime to add several other features or just for the design point of view they are installed.

They are mainly known as DRL and also have a high luminosity range and hence can be used in the daytime.

Aftermarket Car LED Headlight

Since the first car was ever produced there have been several advancements in the development of the Car headlights as there was only on the type of color which the light imparted on the road and that was a yellowish tint which was very boring and never that great, Now we have a broad range of high bright luminous light which is mostly white or a slight tint of blue. But even with their Advent of newer and newer headlights.


  • There were some disadvantages as they have a lot of glare which was being imparted on the road.
  • It caused a lot of problem to the people on the other side of the road and also to the pedestrians causing temporary blindness which may prove fatal on high-speed car driving.

They also had not that much of luminosity with which they could be used for a long duration as heat and temperature made it impossible for its long usage and also made manufacturers frustrated as well.

But the earlier headlights had no way of cooling the lights and also made it impossible for them to be efficient as they used to consume a lot of energy and illuminate less brightness than expected. And also they don't have the capability of making the road in front of them brighten up enough for the driver to see. Best headlight bulbs for night driving But these were the earlier days but in recent advancements, there have been a lot of changes and a lot of improvements which has enabled car manufacturers to make their cars look the best of their capabilities.

Most the newer types of headlights have been HID lights and LED lights. These have very high luminosity range and also are really compact in nature. These factors enable the car manufacturers to play around them and making them really unique due to their compact nature and really flexible in design. But then these came standard in the present day cars as they provided much better looks and even the output of light was extremely high.

The cost was reduced not by much but made a significant increase in performance. But the three of them halogen headlights, HID headlights and LED lights all to have its drawbacks as well as advantages over each other and also they are at the top of their game in their way.

Different Types Of Headlights

  • Halogen Headlight
  • Xenon Headlight
  • Aftermarket Headlight

Before you choose a headlight for your vehicle, you need to be sure about what is it going to be used for and what primary purpose it is going to have in your vehicle after it has been installed in the vehicle. Each action of the headlight is for a particular purpose only, and Connors has adhered to any other kind of situation as it will fail miserably and never give you the desired clearance of the road at night time. 

So choose wisely. But in today's automotive industry there are only these three but yet more kinds of development, but then you sure can never expect what might come out next. So think before choosing to make the best use out of the headlights.

Halogen lights

  • Halogen Light was the first ever lights that have been used since the very beginning of the automotive industry.
  • These headlights are nothing but a tungsten filament which illuminates high level of intensity of light on application of an enormous amount of energy with the liberation of heat and power at the same time.
  • There is halogen gas as well stores within the bulb as when switched on the gas reacted with the tungsten filament to give out a bright light and when altered with the current being great the headlight it gave out the desired amount of brightness but with a lot of heat and a significant rise in temperature.
  • At times a lot of there were attached to each other to create a much brightest led headlights and also gives out a lot better clearance of the darkness which allows the drivers to see through the darkness with ease and without any difficulty. But there was one problem.


  • The reaction of halogen gas with the tungsten filament only created heat but nothing else and the luminosity range also was affected as there was only heat and never gave out the expected results.
  • There was another problem a major one which was that the tungsten filament would work only for a certain amount of time and also not allow the bulb to work exactly.

How it should but stop making it work as the halogen gas present in the bulb would corrode the filament making it not work and also make it really inefficient at all time. For all purpose easily available custom headlights for cars are also good options. 

Uses of Halogen light Bulbs


  • This would make it loose it's luminosity range and also not make it work at most of the times. But this wasn't the case in the other headlights which came out much later.
  • These were called high-intensity discharge lamps or better known as HID headlights.
  • This was much more advanced ( Black headlights ) and also packs a lot of energy while it was switched on and didn't stop working no matter what the cause.

These were the same as halogen bulbs, but that made them run a lot was that it didn't contain any sort of filament which was needed to be heated or any such thing like that but the entire bulb was filled with xenon gas which was much more efficient as the gas only would illuminate when reacted with electricity. This tends to create a plasma which can be seen through the naked eye and not at all harmful. But this wasn't the case with halogen bulbs as even while having direct contact with the bulb it would result in temporary blindness, Color changing halo headlights and some worst case scenarios would lead to permanent damage to the eyes.

Xenon Headlights

They have a brighter luminosity range which makes it was better than halogen lights. But what made this efficient and usable was that it had xenon gas filled in the bulb itself which made the range and the brightness factor much more adjustable, Xenon Projector Headlights for cars also made it much more convenient to be used in most of the vehicles. This was possible by controlling the electricity input to the headlights.

These were the advantages and the specialty of these headlights. But then there were some disadvantages as well.


  • They had the tendency to cast a glare on the opposite side of the driver in the vehicle which made it impossible of the driver to see and might cause fatal accidents as well in some worst case scenarios.


  • All these could be overcome by better positioning the headlights for better luminosity and better Range of the headlight.

But comparatively HID are much preferable than halogen lights as they enable us to have much more control over the lighting factor with much less heat produced and also allow a much longer life duration of the headlights.

In later, Recent advancements in the automotive industry, there have been some newer kinds of lights which are much smaller as well as efficient than the other two known as light emitting discharge or also known as LED light. What made these kinds of light famous is that its compact nature and also its way of maneuverability of the light around the car.

Features of Xenon lights

  • Those sorts of features, it made it just fantastic for the car manufacturers to play with the HID headlights and also make it possible for any form of shape and sizes.
  • These were more responsive and also much more reliable as well as being more and more efficient when compared to the other two.
  • Xenon led headlights don't need much energy for its illumination but just require a small amount t of electricity for its usage.
  • They have the ability to move from high beam to low beam within a flash without any sort of fluctuations whatsoever.

Another specialty was that it has the capability to almost eliminate glare onto the oncoming driver on the other side of the road as there wasn't much light of high brightness which made it possible for a smooth ride without making any sacrifices to the luminosity range of the light whatsoever.LED's you require very less energy for it to function and even the heat generated is really less when compared to the other two kinds of headlights. But this has a side effect.

  • These types of lights sure do emit heat and light at the same time but then they release heat at the bottom where all the circuitry.
  • The connection is there which makes it a lot more vulnerable for it not to have a long lifespan.
  • Then there should be a heat sink for it to stay calm which is nothing but a cooling system which is really expensive and also a lot more vulnerable.

It makes cost rocket sky high and makes it a lot harder to work with than the other to kind of headlights. But xenon headlights vs led lights this was in general about what the types of lights available out there for your personalization. But then the light what each kind of halogen lights illuminate is different from each other and also has its tint to go with.

Then even though you select a particular type of headlight you need to aware of the color and the intensity of light that it imparted of the road such that it fits perfectly into the kind of beacon that you desire to have installed. But the color of the light is very important when you choose any light.

Uses of Xenon lights

  • It doesn't vary in brightness or the heat generated but only gives the car a much better look and also enhances the visibility range of the vehicle in general.
  • This is measured on a Kelvin scale and the yellow tint what you see in cars limits your visibility range and the cooler the light gets the much better range it has in covering much more surface area.

In general, people prefer blue color in their light as it's is much safer to the eyes and also looks kind of cool Xenon headlights bmw on the vehicle that you install. Another use of these types of lighting is that it is much more guarded and also fiver a more natural look and prevents staining of the eyes.

After Market Headlights

  • This kind of light is only suited to roads and not on off roading. But I'd you go off roading the best light for you would be to pick a headlight which has more luminosity range and also produces a lot of light altogether.
  • This Improves visibility and enhances the chances of you avoiding any large-scale obstacles on the course that you might be heading.
  • On roads, a bluish light goes hand in hand with the cars that you drive. But this is what are the types you hey out there.
  • For all this may not come in the stock car that you might drive. To get these kinds of headlight there are spare parts separately which are called aftermarket parts. But in referring to this context we have aftermarket headlamps for Car.

They vary from a wide range of parts going from very low luminosity of light to extremely high brightness range of the beacon. There is a wide range available for each and every one. But what you need to look for in these parts is that your choice of the car and what will look best on the car of yours. Other than this you need to be sure what would look better on that car of yours. It will narrow your option even fast and help you select the right headlight for your vehicle. But then keep in mind that what you require and what you need. Never deviate from your choice but make sure that you are confident in what you purchase.

Best After Market headlights For Car

  • Kensun Xenon Low Beam Headlights
  • OPT 7 LED Headlights
  • Sylvania Silver Star Ultra
  • Phillips Extreme Vision
  • OSRAM Night Breaker

Make sure that you are looking for Aftermarket headlight bulbs your requirements that might be better road visibility or just the beautiful part of your car.

Installation of After Market Headlights & review (Video)

The choice is all up to you. But even after all this, you need to make sure that the voltage supply of those headlights matches the requirements of the car and doesn't need any other sources for its functionality. But the main other points which you have to keep in mind is the cost factor.

  • These headlights can range anywhere from being really cheap to be highly expensive.
  • It all comes down to you as to what will look best and what should the headlight do, whether to remove the road or just to make the vehicle look better and nice altogether.

Now that we are talking about Aftermarket headlights let's take a look at some which excel in their field and they are at the top of their game in today's generation.

Kensun Xenon Low Beam Headlights

These low beam headlights are the best of their game and also offer a wide selection in this particular model as well. What makes these special is that it has the ability to empower high amount t of bright light on the road as these a gas filled and at the same time not produce any sort of glare onto the oncoming driver which is a huge benefit while driving during the night time.

  • kensun led headlights designed in such a way that they don't have any adverse outcome but only provide bright light throughout.
  • They are angled in such a way that they do not on have the ability to illuminate the entire road but also have the capacity to provide enough energy to cover the whole road ahead of them.
  • It ensures that the glare generated at the minimal and also have the capability of having a lot of lot more efficiency while it illuminates the bright light.

The color temperature of this sort of light is around 6000K which produces bright light which is generally with a hint of blue in color and provides a more natural illumination altogether. But what makes this even more unique is that this is a HID kit which enables it to last long.

Installation of Kensun Xenon Headlights

  • The installation of these Types of headlights doesn't amount to more than 20 mins as they come with a manual and all sorts of side accessories which you can play.
  • They just need to be plugged into the vehicle, and it's ready to go.
  • There is need to cut any sort of wires but a simple procedure which can be followed through the manual that comes with the kit.
  • It has only a gas filled in the entire headlight which makes it durable and the driver has full control of the light.
  • They don't need any sort of filament for its light illuminating process. But then the color temperatures in these kinds of bulbs are around 8000K which is extremely bright and could be used in off-roading machines.

Installation Of Kensun headlights

They have a higher efficiency rate as they take in less energy but dissipate more energy. The pricing of these bulbs are Very cheap headlights and can be bought by anyone to have the installed into their vehicle, but the experience what you will get out of these is a really good one and it does the job well without any sort of problems or failures and give you a really bright and durable lighting experience altogether.

OPT 7 LED Headlights

This bad boy isn't meant for the normal usage. But is mentioned for appalling conditions of weather and also can illuminate any darkens of terrain with utmost ease and without any problems. These headlights are perfect for such terrains and will never give any challenges.

Each LED install this has a 6000K light emitting diode which enables it to produce brilliant and white light over a large distance at a luminosity range of 7000. What makes these special is they have multiple LED's lined up together creating a lot more of light with really less amount of energy and making it dazzling.

  • They have the state of the art LED bulbs which make it one the brightest LED'S out there that can ever be fitted onto a vehicle.
  • Opt7 led fog lights have a high fitting factor as these headlights not only are designed to fit properly but come with a separate housing factor which helps in making it more convenient for the light to be mounted in any headlight housing there is out there.

  • Another unique feature about this Opt7 led h11 LED lights is that it all waterproof and housed in a rugged structure making sure that no matter what you threw at it the LED's will perform how it performs since the day you first switched them on.

    Installation of OPT 7 LED Headlights

    • These headlights don't mess around as they have a 20 mins installation period which is quick and fast with Opt7 led installation guide.
    • They come with all the attachments required for its installation such that it is speedy and quick and takes a less time to get some bright lighting onto the car.
    • These headlights have the ability to be functioning for more than 50000 hours and also have no problems in the end.
    • It looks it also houses an aluminum casing which does all of the work in making it the most durable lighting experience available out there.
  • Installation & review of OPT 7 Headlights

    Uses of OPT 7 LED Headlights

  • These are really reliable and never fail you no matter what. They will work even on the rugged situations and also make sure that it provides the bright illuminating light at all times without any sort of problems or failures.
  • Opt7 fluxbeam will give you an experience of your lifetime as they will brighten up any dark area with any challenges and will offer you a whole new lighting experience altogether.
  • These headlights are at the top their game is that they have a brilliant in-house heat extraction system.
  • It enables to have all excellent performance of the light as well as remove all the heat that might be ever generated to make it efficient at all times.
  • They tend to keep on working no matter what the road has to throw at them and making them just unbelievably amazing to have on your vehicle for an amazing experience while driving in the night time.

Sylvania Silver Star ultra

The headlights are made by a company who has dedicated every aspect of their ability in the manufacturing of these bulbs throughout their life so there has to be some sort of specialty in them all together. They are experts in what they do and also deliver Sylvania Silverstar Ultra  quality products which are mainly targeted to the aftermarket region of the automotive industry. If in case buy any of these products you sure will know that they have a really long lasting life and also you will have a great experience in using them. With a lot of seeing further see wider and see better go sure do know that you have bought a product which will never let you down.

  • The product which we are talking about here is the newest on the line of the company and offers a really good lighting experience.
  • These are halogen headlights. But be aware that there is a twist in the bulbs as the bulbs are more or less really have a high beam in what they do.

Features of Sylvania Silver Star ultra

  • They have a tungsten filament which is illuminated through the current which is to be provided to the bulb and its illumination is due to the halogen gas around the bulb itself.
  • Sylvania lighting bulbs that this is no ordinary bulb as it has the ability to enhance your driving capability in the night time.
  • It is nothing like a standard halogen headlight but has a unique feature that allows it to enhance your viewing capability in the evening time and delivers it no matter what the cost.
  • The tungsten filament which is used in this bulb is more durable and also much resilient when compared to other bulbs and also has a different low expansion rate and also a high melting point.

It also features all sorts of malleable characteristics which separate them from the standard Types of Halogen bulbs that you might find out there. But it's functionality is all the same as the halogen gas present inside the bulb reacts with the tungsten filament providing a bright luminous light which is constant and the beam coming it vibrant and bright with no sort of distortion whatsoever.


  • It also helps to keep the glass clear for any dust or dirt.
  • This product is that it enhances the road viewing capability and also elevate the contrast of the road at night times which make it much safer to drive in the evening time.
  • The product also provides a clearer picture of what is to come ahead of you in the night times.

Installation of Sylvania Silver Star ultra

The device, in general, is much more reliable as they offer a down the road illuminating light which eliminates glare in general and also helps In avoiding any sort of casualties in general. But the product is quite unique and different from others.

Installation of Sylvania Silver Star Ultra

For the price which is cheap enough, it's sufficient to say that they have the best lighting system for the cars and also the best at Sylvania zevo using halogen bulb as their first lamp. But their installation procedure is quite simple as it is just a plugin use device which comes with other manuals as well which enables you to Install the entire kit single handed and makes it very easy for it to be used all over again.

Philips Extra Vision Headlight

The name itself is enough for you to get to know that the products what come out are top notch and durable at all times. The product what we are discussing here is nothing standard as the lighting system over here tends to offer 130% more illumination factor than any other product out there.

  • Philips Xtreme Vision also have the ability to produce more light than anyone else and still be compact and durable while providing at what it does best.
  • The product comes in a dual enrollment as each one for a headlight. It's efficient and famous for the way it works and also has a lot of light energy dissipating factor in them.

Its design is one thing as it allows you to do more with very less and also takes a lot less space than any other headlight out there. For a device that does Soo much while taking up such less space is something really innovative and also the device, in general, provides a powerful beam at all time without any sort of failure or problem whatsoever.

Making sure that stays the top at what it does and also making it the Best Aftermarket headlights f150 available out there. But this is not it. The light is mainly designed such that they can be fitted anywhere and also make it adjustable at all times. They come in various sizes and designs which allow you to make a better style statement about your car and also make it effective and efficient at times. But it doesn't stop there as the enthusiasm of the company is to give durable and reliable products throughout whole taken up less energy and less space but only given bright and luminous light all throughout.

Features of Philips Extra Vision Headlight

  • So many different kinds of goods available, there are the ones who are having a color temperature of 3500K and also with a 60/55W performance scale which is just amazing and outstanding altogether.
  • Then the list of goodies doesn't stop there as Philips Xtreme vision plus 130 h4 each of the glass which is fitted to the bulb is made out of UV-quartz glass making illumination and brightness factor really high and much more than expected.
  • It's really reliable and also unique. It allows bright light to pass through the bulb and also provide a much better coverage at night times.
  • They are shock proof and also consists of a temperature resistant glass lens making it really amazing and also if u choose these headlights you are sure that nothing is ever going to go wrong.
  • They have 147 feet longer light beam making it no problem whatsoever to look or drive in the night time.
  • Even the reaction or the switching on time is all by just 2 seconds.
  • They have an incredible lifespan of about 450 hours of continuous usage capability.

The gas which is filled inside the bulb has a 13 bar high pressure which makes it illuminate the Philips xtreme vision h7 brightest of lights at all times. But the drawback is that the bulbs shouldn't be touched as that might result in the oil to heat up and to result in the lesser lifespan of the bulb. But the cost is somewhere cheap and can be bought by anyone. They have a particular purpose and does justice when used in the right way possible.

Philips Xtra Vision Installation & Review

OSRAM Night Breaker

This product is a halogen-powered device which is at the best of what it has to provide. The bulb sure does produce a Bright beam of light and also a pure enrichment of bright white light all throughout. Unlike the Phillips, this one gives about 110% luminosity range and also up to 40 m longer range of the device in whole. Making them the best you will get out there.​

Specifications of OSRAM Night Breaker

  • This is all possible Osram night breaker laser h7 & h11 with the luminosity factor which is altered in the bulb and making it bright and enabling you to see the road comfortably without any sort of problems whatsoever.
  • This lamp unique is that the filament used in this is much more efficient and also much more durable with a much better, efficient halogen gas which creates this sort of light mod also gives a tough competition to the other aftermarket headlights available out there.
  • It allows the naked eye to look at the bulbs directly without any squinting or causing any temporary blindness.
  • Osram night breaker unlimited on gives out clean and efficient lighting with really less heat and also doesn't cause any harsh light. If you go for this, you will never require any other headlights at all.

The product comes with a twin bulbs one for each headlight. With a unique feature that enables it to be in any frame and also makes sure that it delivers what it's designed to do at all times and just be a flush fit in any headlight housing, there is available out there.

You are not doing anything wrong in buying this as you know what you are purchase and the product is 100% genuine. The entire package is robust, durable and resistant to any wear and tear making it the best lighting solution available out there. Buying this product sure will help you to keep daylight with you at all times and making night times not a problem at all. This product can be purchased by anyone as it is cheap and also really efficient for the price at which the company is offering the product.

OSRAM Night Breaker Insatallation & Review (Video)

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Best Fog Lights Bulb In 2018

LED's are one of the best sources of fog light due to their compact nature and high luminous efficiency. They can generate a lot of energy with a lot less power. This way their applications are limitless but to an extent of how they are being used. Though they might be expensive, they are at the top of the game in lighting up or brightening up a particular region or area.

It takes care of them properly they can go for years together without any sort of problem, but the only disadvantage of these times magic pieces is that they tend to heat up a lot. Due to their compact nature, they have the tendency to heat up real quick and cause the LED to fail or burn. To prevent this you need to attach all the LED's in a strip and also make sure that they have heat cavities to allow the heat to escape. This will make sure that they have a long life and also keep up to the standards given by the manufacturers.

  • led fog light
  • xenon fog light 
  • The last but not the least Use of Fog Light is in cars.
  • Due to its flexibility and small or compact nature, the designers of the automotive industry just live using a light on this machine as it gives out a premium look and feels to the device.
  • It also helps in the design aspect of the vehicle.
  • There is some Xenon light which is brilliant and very efficient which can even melt snow and create pathways in the icy areas. Such sorts of LED’s are known as fog lamps.
  • Fog lamps are nothing but the lights which are present on the bases of the cars which can penetrate the thick fog and allow the driver to see what's coming its way.
  • It acts as a safety feature but also plays a vital part in the design aspect as well.
  • In some cars, the LED lighting provide enough light to drive in the night while some cut through the terrible night and thick fog to enable us to see what's coming.
  • But when you have fog lamp fitted on your vehicle you have the comfort of driving tension free as it helps you to see the road ahead and doesn't create any sort of problems which might cause accidents. Well, when we talk about fog lights here are any in the market at present which is really amazing and worth the price as well.

    They could be best in design or in value but they sure do have their use in the automotive industry.


Different Types Of LED Fog Lamps

LED headlights maybe the best for a car owner but it lasts longer than the person having a halogen bulb installed. But in general, all the LED's mentioned below are the top of their game and deliver lights which can impart or travel a lot more distance than expected.

  • They have a long lasting life if maintained adequately and also can keep the fog clear such that you can drive with peace and cause no accidents whatsoever.The LED's come with a kit which will instruct you in how to install the product onto the vehicle of
  • The LED's come with a kit which will instruct you in how to install the product onto the vehicle of led driving lights or anywhere else, entirely depends on your desire.

But LED's are mainly used to give a sophisticated look to the car and also reduces the energy what a halogen bulb takes but use the fraction of that energy and provide even better luminosity at a fraction of the halogen bulbs price. Now let’s check out which one of those fog LED lights are the best and the ones who are up to the task of doing what they are told to do.

Nilight 2Pcs 18W 1260LM Spot Driving For Light 

The nilight 2PCS isn't meant for the ordinary, but these are heavy duty LED Headlights which are robust and for the worthy contender for the top spot in the market for the best-LED fog lights available out there. These LED's does everything right and has no sort of failure whether it's torrential rains or think fog; they just tend to keep going on and on no matter what.

  • The company produces these LED's which are robust and as well as they are heavy duty to withstand hours together of have without any fluctuations and any failure.
  • Only provides clear yellow fog light capable of any weather conditions.
  • This is achieved by its design and its materials used while manufacturing of this product in general.

Functioning of Nilight Spot Driving Light

These LED's have better dissipation of heat when compared to another sort of LED's and also have a better heat sink to suck out all the air and keep the LED's fresh and functioning for a longer period. From Best headlight Bulbs,Already Discussed earlier heat is the primary factor which determines who long or how durable the LED performs under certain conditions.

  • Heat is the primary reason developers tend to fit as much of heat sink to keep providing the LED's with more and more of clean and cold air which increases its lifespan, and also its efficiency along with performance.
  • This is enclosed in its aluminum casing which offers a lot of protection as well as Increases durability.
  • All these additional features add up almost more than 30000 hours of the continuous functionality of the device without any sort of fluctuations or short circuits.
  • The device is not just fitted with any ordinary lights, but these LED's have the capability of having a concentrated and bright spot beam which means to say that the beam which comes out of the light is high intensity and smart.
  • The light doesn't get scattered and gets concentrated in a Nilight light bar particular area which increases the ability to see things in pitch darkness without any sort of problems.
  • The entire circuitry is housed in an aluminum case which tends to protect it from any wear and tear.
  • It also includes a waterproof rubber pad which is industrial resistant to any amount of water thrown at it that's why this is also used in boats and ships.
  • There is a silicone sealing strip which is close to welding the aluminum case together but it isn't.
  • It provides a really tight seal that even a drop of water cannot enter the device.

All this is properly enclosed by fastening screws which makes it 100 times better than other LED fog lights as they can be easily opened but not with any screwdriver but the pattern which is on top of the screw. Making this a safe and secure device with no problems whatsoever for a really long time. These Nilight led fog lights are quake-proof as well meaning it can withstand shocks and vibrations which can go up to the level of an actual Earthquake.

LED Fog lights for Cars

These are durable and robust making it the best-selling light illuminating device out there. When the light illuminates out of this device there are no dark spots left out as the dark spots are completely eliminated and u just get a feeling of daylight at pitch darkness.

  • This comes switch an installation guide which makes it easy for you to Install it anywhere you would wish to install.
  • It is very easy and also there are no wires involved which have to be cut or soldered but just a flush and smooth installation.
  • There is no sort of modification required as everything gets adapted to the new housing wherever it is being installed and gives the best results at all times.
  • If this seems a bit off, then the company also offers a two-year warranty which comes standard with all nilight products.
  • In general, the product is simple, clean, and rigid and we'll build. Due to many satisfied customers, they are the best-selling Cheap fog lights available out there for a price which I think almost everyone can afford as it is not that high or that low but just in average.

Auxbeam 2Pcs LED Light For Car

The Auxbeam 2Pcs are tiny but really powerful. They stock a powerful discharge of light which makes them come right below the nilight. They have been the 2nd best in the market and also are at the top of their game. This Auxiliary lights are powerful and produces a luminosity of about 1260-1800 which is more Jan enough to penetrate through the deepest of dogs in bright daylight or pitch darkness. What makes them even more unique is its lifespan.

Features of Auxbeam 2Pcs LED Light 

  • These also have another feature in them which allows them to be the best of their game. The ability of them to move around for about 60 degrees is remarkable.
  • This makes it maneuver in the tightest of spots and also make it every easier to reach the darkest of places and illuminate light with no problem whatsoever.

The entire device comes with an Installation kit which will guide you through each and every step of how to attach any sort of equipment or part onto the vehicle without any problems as they have explained Auxbeam led headlight review in detail which will take you from start to finish and you yourself will get a flush finish of the product on the vehicle.

The lights come in a package of two. These two can be useful in several ways but which is on a small scale but then if you buy a set of four the intensity of the light doubles giving you a daylight kind of feel even in the darkest of places. It can be mounted anywhere and everywhere but it in boats as they are not that waterproof. It can be installed on military vehicles, off-roading machines and other heavy duty machinery which needs Intense lighting at the darkest of nights. They work at around 40-85 ° Celsius.

  • Uses of auxbeam
  • specifications

Weight: 2.6lbs

  • The Auxbeam headlights is made to be portable and provide maximum brightness at all times. And also provide a boost in illuminating the night sky.
  • This is all achieved as the device has something called as flood optic beam pattern which is fitted to the device and provides optimum coverage of area without any sort of problems.
  • This product is recommended to those who travel a lot at night times and looking for something which is more convenient and efficient at the same time.

Installation & Review Auxbeam  LED light Video

Icebeamer Xenon Fog Light Bulb


Those HID bulbs which can be used as a LED but do the let it cool you as this is tiny but packs a lot of power to illuminate in the darkest of places with ease. What makes this sell is the really attractive price tag which is around $6.18. And also what makes this on our list is that the product has got several positive reviews from various users and also been fruitful and lived up to the level of marketing they had done for this particular product.

  • These sure will get the job done for you in illuminating something, but it's just for the prices that are looking for a cheaper option of lighting up a particular place or region.
  • But this is design just to fit in your vehicle and provide enough light to get the way straight and also provide ample light up to its capability. But during the manufacturing of this particular device or LED.
  • The manufacturers took their own sweet time to perfect everything which the LED's couldn't provide and make something big at the cost of nothing.

That was their main aim and they achieved it with style. When they can out with this product and tested it out the results what they got was outstanding and really remarkable when compared to any HID vs LED lighting. But when you fit this into your vehicle and go to any gray area will never experience any difficulties in tracing out the fog and also making the food look it wasn't there In the first place. All this is because of its proper beam pattern which is illuminated by the bulb.

  • Advantages of Icebeam
  • specifications
  • The HID bulbs have been manufactured with utmost care and also used advanced heat protection technology which gives them a long lifespan and a longer range when compared to another kind of bulbs out there.
  • The main feature of these bulbs is that they can be used underwater and in adverse climatic conditions of foggy and rainy due to its housing which is 100% rainproof and doesn't allow even a single drop of water to enter the house and also houses a fan.
  • This feature makes it seek a lot and also makes it the best for a very cheap rate and delivers what it is advertised to perform.

JDM Astar Fog lights

  • The main reason for the production of these headlights is to replace the standard halogen headlights and produce a lot of light which illuminates the entire area for better visibility on the road and also provide a better driving experience.
  • The main selling point of these kinds of bulbs is that it's plug n use feature which requires no wires whatsoever to be corrected anywhere and make a flush and seamless for all together.
  • Uses of JDM fog light
  • specifications
  • Its unique feature is that they don't come Sunday that much energy and are very efficient and produce a lot more of brightness as well.
  • As mentioned above, installation is very easy and is just a plug and okay system which will be done in no time at all.
  • The manufacturing of Easy bulb setup these lights takes place in the most sophisticated way possible.
  • The finest of materials to ensure superior precision and also ensure complete uniformity with a longer bulb life and higher luminosity.
  • Due to their high-level manufacturing ways, they are very durable and also last for a long time making them waterproof along with shock proof.
  • Shook proof as they consist of shock absorbers which take in the shocks whenever any sort of shocks is applied. The company is known for Jdm Astar Review its sleek and amazing quality products but also known for its HID conversions. The company doesn't manufacturer only this, but also they manufacturer other types of bulbs such as xenon HID headlights which are used by a lot of cars for their headlights.
  • The main feature of these bulbs is that they can be used underwater and in adverse climatic conditions of foggy and rainy due to its housing which is 100% rainproof and doesn't allow even a single drop of water to enter the house and also houses a fan.
  • This feature makes it seek a lot and also makes it the best for a very cheap rate and delivers what it is advertised to perform.

Installation & review of JDM fog light (Video)

Boltlink LED fog light

You could call these Heavy Duty Led Lights lights as this entire package comes with 35 LED fog lights which tell us that no matter how rough the condition of the road maybe with zero visibility due to fog, it will make way for you to see what's happening and also ensure that the driver has a clear vision.

Uses of Boltlink LED fog light

  • These 35 LED's are robust and reliable.
  • Best fog light color is capable of making pitch dark turn into daylight and has a scatter-free system which lets it emit the light directly onto the road with zero dark spots.
  • This also ensures that not even a single area is left out which isn't illuminated.
  • Water Resistant or Waterproof.
  • The installation procedure is kind of different as there are different sizes which will have to fit in the headlights depending on the specifications of the car.
  • The many bulbs range from H16, H11, H9, H7, 9006, N9005 and PSX24
  • advantages 
  • Functions
  • These kinds of headlights are very famous in the top brands of the automotive industry.
  • By adding this LED's it sure will give you a lot more visibility and also will let you see through thick fog and other adverse climatic conditions.
  • These bulbs have an emission of ultra-bright 6000K light emitting capability which can brighten up even the darkest of a night and blow over the dense fog with no problems at all.
  • The main reason behind such high level of luminosity is that each bulb has five pairs of micro LED's which give you a total of ten LED.
  • But once switched on they will be switched on it as they don't tend to have a fluctuating system as what you might find in cars.

    These are fog lights and just have one steady illumination of light throughout. But then when you compare these with those cheap rip offs, you will come to know what the difference is and how you can make a big difference by just investing a bit more and getting something which will last forever and that too from a reputed company which uses sophisticated methods to the manufacturer its bulbs.

    • This sure makes it vulnerable for the individual to buy it and install it and see the difference of the light which will make the driving experience a much better and much safer one, and for the price.
    • It sure is a bargain that you could ask for. It is much better and much more reliable than the cheaper ones but has a long life and a bright illuminating light overall.

Philips X-Treme vision LED fog light

In today's generation, the days of halogen headlights are slowly fading away as the new era of LED is coming into the picture. But talking about this device, this comes directly with the state of the art fitting method which goes exactly into the socket of the headlight and has no problem whatsoever in its functionality. The Philips X-treme Vision lights are the one for all the vehicles which are running out there on the road as the provide a seamless finish along with a stunning look with the led vs xenon headlights

  • features
  • efficiency

    Generally, LED's have a heat sink to take out all the hot air but in these, they feature a new technology known as air flux thermal design which cools down the LED's automatically when it senses that it is going beyond the standard temperature and bring it down to a more substantial temperature.

    • It ensures the longevity of the LED's and also the greater functionality of the entire device.
    • They are built to last as they are very rigid and also deliver a brilliant luminous light which can brighten up the whole road and was mainly introduced such that it can give a stiff competition to the halogen bulb.
    • These lights have a higher rate of efficiency and delivering of bright light at a constant rate without any disturbance or fluctuations whatsoever.
    • If anything were to happen then not to worry as the philips xtreme vision h4 vs osram night breaker plus h4 Vision fog LED lights to come with a three-year warranty to take care of all those damages and replace it for free of cost.

    • This sure makes it vulnerable for the individual to buy it and install it and see the difference of the light which will make the driving experience a much better and much safer one, and for the price.
    • It sure is a bargain that you could ask for. It is much better and much more reliable than the cheaper ones but has a long life and a bright illuminating light overall.

Xenon Philips X-Treme vision LED fog light

  • It enables the driver to see every bit of the raid and also helps in making driving a shared memorable experience.
  • This is possible not only because of its color temperatures but also because of the inclusion of xenon into the unit itself.

What xenon does is it amplifies the rate at which the light is coming out and takes it to a Philips Xtreme vision plus 130 review whole new level of brightness which can be very useful in making the low-level light turn into the high level without using any source of external energy other than powering the poorly lit LED.

  • This is a delightful and exquisite piece of LED that will get you the most amount of visibility in the darkest of nights and also allow you to see through the thick fog without any problems.

A product which one and all should have fitted in their vehicle if they can afford the $124 price tag. Therefore the choice is all yours whether you want this or anything else, depending on the vehicle and the terrain you live in go to the best suitable one and these products will never let you down.

Philips Xtra Vision LED fog light Bulb Review

Juan Kaler / September 1, 2018

Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Halogen bulbs were the first to be used in the automotive industry and still are being used in the cars that run on the road. They tend to have a lot of usages but in general, let's stick in the automotive world. They illuminate a bright yellow light which is imparted on the road.

  • The beam patterns of these halogen light bulbs are both that particular but just how's in whatever direction they like, and moreover, on top of that, they do need some time to switch them on.
  • It requires the bulb to be heated up before taking usage making it slow. Although they have been used since the early times they have a simple working state and also could be efficient at times of need.

They are mainly applied in the automotive industry, and in recent developments, they are made to be effective and not that time to consume in starting it.

Basic Principles of Halogen Headlight Bulb

The basic principles at which they perform is the presence of a tungsten filament. It is a sort of a thing which tends to generate heat and light when comes in contact with electricity, but around this is a gas known as halogen which gives the Halogen Light Led its name which is required to make the tungsten glow and illuminate the light.

  • The luminosity of the lamp is entirely dependent on the pressure at which that bulb is filled with gas it sure does require a lot more energy for it even to illuminate the light.
  • In another hand a lot of energy and heat is dissipated which makes it fragile to wear and tear and moreover the tungsten filament gets corroded due to a lot of usages and not maintenance of the bulb.
  • Function of Halogen Headlight Bulb

    They have been replaced by newer and newer source of lighting methods such as HID lights and LED's which are far better, but the primary factor that what makes it keep running is the fact that it can be manufactured with really less cost and can illuminate the brightest of lights at its full capacity.

    • It is due to the intensity of current that passes through the bulb. But this, in general, is very useful in cars as they don't tend to have any glare on the oncoming side of cars and can keep you safe all throughout.
  • Efficiency of Halogen Headlight Bulb

    They tend to have more properties on the safer side and also require much less energy for its usage, other than this the positioning of the bulbs plays a major in illuminating the road ahead. And also can determine the efficiency of the lamp.
    • These bulbs sure are efficient in their way but then have their effectiveness up to a range and also need a lot of special care and attention so as to not rupture the internal components of the bulb.
    • They cannot be overheated as they will tend to not work and I some worst case scenarios even blast. Other than this they have a luminosity range and also illuminate a lot of bright light.
    • They can't cover that much of distance, but with controlled tactics, they can impart an extended range of lighting all throughout.
    • It then they don't come only with stock cars but also have aftermarket headlights are also available for halogen bulbs.
    • They are much more efficient and also tend to have a lot more punch to the illuminating factor of the led headlight bulbs, once installed they tend to have a better look and feel in the car and also give you the brightest of experiences while you drive in the night.
  • But when we talk about different kinds of halogen bulbs we relate to the various types of design, efficiency as well as the power intake and output of these devices. They tend to have much more power output but should be considered only if the bulb is suitable for your use and can fit alongside with the headlights that you already have.
    Below are some of the Halogen Headlight Bulbs that are used in cars or other places and are at the best of their game.

    Best Buy Halogen Headlight Bulb

    Philips X-Treme Halogen Headlight Bulb

    Looking for the best pairs of halogen bulbs that you can get your hand son then these will never let you down as they are the best in the game and also the best halogen headlight bulbs that you can find on the market at present.

    • The reason why these are that famous is that they tend to have a much better efficiency and also they are very reasonably priced.
    • They are very cheap than the other product ls discussed here and also tend to have a lot more better features as well.
    • The light imparted by this bulb is twice the range and twice the brightness of a standard halogen bulb but to gain significant thing you have to compromise on the all things.

  • So in this, the life span of this is affected but not by much only a matter of few hours. The primary usage for these kinds of lights could be used in places which are dimly lit, or there is no light at all.

    Primary uses of Halogen Headlight Bulb

    The light imparted by these cover a distance of about 115 feet and also makes it longer than the standard halogen bulb. What makes it this special as the Philips halogen light features a state of the art technology which makes it give So much lighter and also covers a larger distance?

    Installation of Halogen headlight bulb video here:

    Comparison to Halogen Headlight Bulb

    • They can be used in adverse weather conditions, rain, and other foggy situations as well.
    • They do not tend to have any glare such that the person on the other side of the raid as no problem in driving and also doesn't cause temporary blindness which may cause a lot of problems and in some cases fatal accidents.
    • You can see directly onto these bulbs without anything happening to your eyes and also enables you to stay on a constant look out as they don't make your eyes squint at all.
    • The color imparted is about the same color of yellow but at the color temperature of about 3400K, they sure do seem to know what they are doing.
  • This product is the best for the people who aren't looking at investing on something that is expensive but wants a cheaper and better alternative. You know that the product is meant Halogen light for car to last as the company which manufacturers this tends to have a good reputation at what they do.
    Although these are advertised to be used in rural areas they can be utilized more in cities as they have a more appealing look and also would suit the city environment more. And what makes them best seller is the fact that a set costs $30 dollars. And they excel in whatever they are designed to function.

    Sylvania silver star ultra high performance

    • The brand is just amazing I what it does as they are the pioneers in headlight manufacturing. They produce more halogen bulbs than any other manufacturer, and also sell more as well.
    • The products that they produce are top notch and also are far better than the regular ones that you might find out there. The company is a trusted name, and you know that the product that you have bought will last you for a long time and also keep up to it name for an extended period.
    • This product is the flagship product of the company.
  • Specification of Sylvania silver star 

    • If it's a flagship model then it sure does have to be the best in its class as the company's entire reputation lies on it.
    • This headlight bulb offers the highest down the road visibility range with white lights as well.
    • They tend to be that way for a longer period as the way it is manufactured sophisticated and also really impressive.
    • The combination of a wide range and a longer range which can be covered gives the driver a wider visibility range, and also a lot more of the nightlife can be experienced without any sort of strain to the eyes.
  • Requirement of Halogen Headlight Bulbs

    The Halogen bulbs that the company makes is glare free as they do now impart any brightness which much causes temporary blindness to the incoming traffic, to achieve all sylvania headlight bulb comparison chart of this they are designed and manufactured with the highest way of engineering and also has a Cobalt nanotechnology which just sets it apart from the rest.
    • There is a tri-band coating which enables the bulb to impart more light than ever and also give out a bright white light.
    • They can be replaced but the standard bulbs that come with your car and will definitely increase the look and night visibility range of the car.
    • They come with a plug n play design such that there is no requirement for any sort of external wires as of such to make the installation.
  • Specifications of Halogen Headlight Bulbs

    • Everything comes included and would not to you less than 20-30 mins for its installation.
    • The color temperature of these halogen bulbs is below 4000K which gives out a cool blue or close to white sort of a color.
    • They can be altered by tints to get whichever color you might desire.
    • The high beams in these halogen headlights are slightly warmer whereas the low beams are much cooler Sylvania bulbs catalog which imparts a cold white light down the road.
    • They are really very affordable as the cost no less than $40 dollars.
    • This also comes switch a value as their total life span is for about 200 hours which is low but then is used in several cases.
    • But if you tend to go out on a lot of night drives then you might want to invest in something that lasts a bit longer or buying something which could last you a lifetime.

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited Super White

The Osram Sylvania brand is well known worldwide but not that well in the USA as there it is only known for its lighting capability, But this is nothing to do with the discussion of halogen headlight bulbs


Specification of OSRAM night breaker unlimited super white

  • The product is really very good.
  • It is no compromise in efficiency as the same company that manufacturers Sylvania Silver Star Ultra are the same producers of this as well.
  • These bulbs are much more efficient as they provide an 110% efficiency rate at which they are designed to last.
  • This might vary as it all comes down to how you use them.
  • The color of the light which gets imparted on the road is at about 3600K which tends to make it a bit cooler and also close to the white halogen bulbs.
  • This is also very efficient as it is 20% more efficient than the standard halogen bulb.

Functions of OSRAM night breaker Headlight Bulb

  • The light imparted can travel a whole of distance and can cover up to 40m of the road, and moreover, it all depends on you as the results may vary and depend on the positioning of the bulbs in general.
  • The robust coil structure in the bulb gives this a high life span as they are built to last for a long time and have no problems whatsoever.
  • Everything about Osram Headlights is unique and different, and also they have up to 500 hours of usage which make it long lasting as well.

These kinds of headlights are mainly used in daytime known as DRL. But you were to use this in the night time, you would have to go with precaution but then they are much more efficient and better than the standard halogen bulb.

PIAA 15224 Xtreme White Plus High Performance

The Company isn't that famous but the products what they make are world class and the best in the headlight industry.

When we specify the word efficiency we mean to say that these are really powerful and really efficient. Other light manufacturers may have made Headlight Restoration Kit name in the automotive industry but that have a thing name in the racing part of the car industry.The majority of them wouldn't want to out these products onto their vehicles as they cost.

Specifications Of Xtreme Plushigh Performance

  • Energy: 110W
  • Power: 60W
  • A bit more and wouldn't want to invest something which they just need in the night time to see what's happening ahead.
  • The product, in general, is a really efficient and outstanding.
  • They come in direct competition with HID headlights in the market as well as they tend to have a cooler illumination of light as well.
  • The color temperature of these c6 led headlights h4 is at 4100K which is much more efficient and better in all ways possible.
  • They have a cool bluish tint to the light and also have a bright white light as well.

Other than this they give a tough competition to Sylvania as well. They possess a heat resist quartz grill in the glass that they fit it in so ensure that the heat stays out of the headlight making it cooler and more durable and gives it a longer lifespan. The bulb also houses some additional technology to make every inch of this bulb give it more than what you can expect. They use aerospace technology for more durability of their alloy filaments.

It is the best halogen headlights game of illumination and also h4 led headlight job well without any problems. A genuine product and also are long lasting one as well.

Philips Crystal Vision Ultra of Halogen Headlights

The design of this product is more or less a look alike like the ones you might find in the Philips xenon kit. If you ever but this product then you sure don't need to have any problems with it being damaged by the company which lakes it is known for its durability and also for its longevity of its products.

HID headlights
  • These bulbs are designed in such a way that they look fantastic halogen lights for cars and also have that beautiful look for what they are intended to be fit.
  • They tend to have a really bright illuminating light that tends to overpowers even the brightest of HID lamps that might be available out there.
  • It also has a lot of similarities to the xenon bulbs, but then they are more or less much more efficient than these.

The bulb is given value to the color such that they impart a blue color on the road at night times and has a color temperature of about 4000K which does an excellent job of making even the darkest of nights look the brightest of days and impart real good bright white halogen bulbs.

These should be bought only if you want to have a really bright white light at the night times. For the brightness and range covered by these bulbs is no less than that of a standard halogen bulb but then the manufacturer that produces.

The business of making amazing products and also ensure that they are last for a longer time. If you buy these, you know that they will never let you down and have the brightest of light at all the times for a fraction of the price that of another halogen bulb out there.

Sylvania Silver star ZXE High Performance

These products have an aesthetic point of view of a xenon bulb but are halogen bulbs. They are best in the game the company that manufacturers it is the best in the match as well.

Specification of Sylvania Silver star ZXE High Performance

  • They have a color temperature of 4000K which is white and a bright white color to be precise. But due to their blue cobalt coating.
  • They tend to produce a light Blue tint throughout.
  • It not only provides excellent bright blue light but lasts a lot more efficient lighting throughout.
  • It doesn't let these fool you into being halogen bulbs as they are a hybrid of xenon and halogen bulbs.

These are the best type of replacement option for the HID headlights as they are efficient and much brighter than those. They also cost really high and are not meant for everybody.

  • They are only designed for those who can actually afford them and also makes sure that they want bright cool blue light which is not only efficient but also covers a lot of ground in general.
  • For aesthetic point of view, they have a metal top alloy that makes it a much better-looking product as it looks flush and dazzling when the entire thing lights up.

So at the end of the day if you are looking for a replacement option for the Best HID headlights Bulbs but want that same functionality at a lesser price then these bulbs are beaten options for you.

Sylvania Silver star High Performance

The name itself says that they are really high performance and also does justice to the kind of output they have for the area of illuminating a particular region of an area at the night time. But this product, especially, isn't anything spectacular or doesn't do any good in the performance area as well.

Features of Sylvania Silver star High Performance

  • They were strictly designed on a budget as these are budget headlights which tend to have high performance of a particular range.
  • You cannot compare these to anything else as they are in their own league of not providing that bright light, but can be used to brighten up a small area without any problems at all.
  • More or less they can be used in motorcycles as well, but for vehicles, there are many solutions out there from which you can choose from.
  • They have a beautiful blue coating to impart a blue light which could also make you see in the dark and also doesn't have that much of range.
  • The life span is short, but these tend to be useful for those who are on a budget and want minimum lighting for a price.

Juan Kaler / August 31, 2018

LED Vs HID Vs Halogen Headlight

Darkness was something which human just isn't comfortable with and never get used to it. To push away darkness there was a great Discovery in the Advent of artificial light. This hid light was produced by a device known as a headlight. This artificial light has invented all thanks to renowned engineers who made it possible for having as bright as the day even during the night times.

Hid headlights are devices which emit light and is scattered and not that bright to the human eye. They are more or less safe and easy to handle.

But this wasn't a power or the mindset of people that would change to drive or to do anything in the darkness as only 25% of the American people used to drive in the night sky. This was a report which was given out by the US national highway traffic safety administration. Surely don't gain the trust of people that it was safe to drive or use the light to turn in the night sky. But headlights became more and more fancy and more and more bright as the generations went past.

LED headlight

LED headlight

HID headlights

HID headlights

Halogen headlight

Halogen headlight

The applications for Halogen light remained in the automotive industry and also paved the way for more fluorescent lights which were made handy at times of power cuts in the home or to shine a dark room in the night, the headlights invention enabled this.

Best Headlights For Cars: LED VS HID VS HALOGEN

Lights consist of a cupped reflector with a crown that includes an opening and also has an open side opposite to that of the crown. There is an inner reflecting surface which is applied and is to be protected against unwanted matter at ambient temperature.

The lens is then tightly sealed which closes the open side and an incandescent bulb is placed through the opening and into the reflector which is to be protected.

This includes sockets which Led vs Hid headlights are put through the opening in the crown and have a radially projecting circular flange which is encircling the tight seal along with the socket. This is the general construction of the headlight which gives us the insight of it actually is design and performs.

But regarding the intensity of the light coming out of the headlight, there were some rules and regulations under which they had to surpass the tests conducted on them in order for them to function in particular countries or regions.​ The center-weighted distribution of light is directed flat out in the direction of the sight of the driver and has no control over the light which is being directed hence being this bright. This could be a little bit dangerous as this might temporarily blind the oncoming driver and might cause accidents too.

In the North American regulations, they permit higher intensity headlamps than low-intensity lights under the international ECE Regulations. On the other hand, the low power headlight is for the general is of the headlight right from the start, as it provides the same amount of intensity of light.​

Which type of Headlight are Best: LED VS HID VS HALOGEN

A headlight is designed on the basis of performing two main functions namely high beam light and low beam light. High beam is the role of the headlight in providing high-intensity bright light on the dark roads halogen vs led for a long distance and has more coverage in the darkest of places.

These lights are designed in such a way that they are required to provide adequate light in the direction of the driver's view but also have control over the distribution of small particles. The light beams don't travel that far and are limited to a shorter distance. The primary function is to indicate the incoming driver of your presence on the road such that no accidents do occur. Under the Best led headlights international ECE Regulations, there are some regulations embossed on the shape and construction of the headlights, have to be a sharp beam of light with an asymmetrical cut off preventing a legend quantity of light not flashed onto your eyes which may result in a lot of casualties onto the care which are on the opposite side of you.

The glare control (the intensity of the light which is reflected by a headlight which is imparted on the different driver  which is to monitor is known a glare control) is not that strict in the North American states. In addition to high beam and low beam there consists of one more function called as dippers.

LED Headlight for Cars

The Advent of led headlights paved way for many newer discoveries as a halogen light bulb was available all day throughout the year. They were basically invented for the automotive industry to be attached in front of the vehicles to make them have a better view in driving during the night times.

We are here looking for Halogen vs Hid vs Led,This functionality was a breakthrough in the automotive industry and was soon adopted by almost all the European countries and even others too which included Albania, Argentina, Russia, Uruguay, Iceland, etc.

In the world, at present, there are two different beam patterns and also headlight construction standards (the structure of the light which we will talk about it later). There are two standards of headlight:

  • ECE Standards
  • SAE Standards

ECE Standards: The ECE standard Lightings are mandatory in almost all the industrialized nations except the USA. SAE standards are only in the USA and nowhere else in the world.

SAE Standards: The SAE Standards are only in the USA and nowhere else in the world.

Comparison Between SAE & ECE Standards

  • The intensity of glare which is being emitted by the headlights.
  • In, SAE, the glare is required less, and in ECE, the glare is expected a bit more.

The low beams under the ECE standards are characterized by a horizontal cutoff line on the top of the beam imparted Clean headlights with wd40 . This can be observed in the dark as below the line it is bright and above it is dark.

Halogen Headlights for Cars

The side beams are placed according to the left or the right depending on the car and the region the car was designed to be generally is dedicated to direct the beam of light onto the pedestrians and road signs for better visibility.

On the other hand the SAE standards have no cutoff factor in their low beams but even if it were to be present then it would be further classified into VOL which is similar to that found on the ECE standards beam but the cutoff is placed on the top left side of the beam and is directed slightly below the horizontal. The second classification is VOR which has its cutoff at the top right side of the imparted beam and aimed directly towards the horizon.

Ever since the Advent of headlights the perspective of a headlight was understood but the factor of giving what color of light was yet to be decided and also was a challenge to decide what color gave the brightest shade of light on the darkest roads.​

Primary Functions Of Headlights

Headlights are required to produce white lights and are mandatory in the both the ECE and SAE standards. Mainly all the countries in the world generally demand white lights on their cars as they have more penetration power Halogen lights for cars and can also make it visible to the naked eye to see through the darkest of the area with ease or without any trouble at all.

In the early days, the headlights imparted a yellow color light which was not bad but not that effective also. Different parts of the world have various types of light color depending on the region and nation. Choosing the best headlight bulbs that can be very simple & easy way to higher light output for the brighter bulbs, so that it is more important to brighter bulbs that might to be the more intensity to the headlight bulbs.

This is due to the climatic or natural conditions of a particular area. Some areas also demand a very special set of characteristics on a car. Monaco is a very good example of this as it is required to have a yellow light with low beams along with fog lamps nothing but DRL and high beam lights. But the major challenge to gain more intensity from the headlights and for better functionality was its placement on the car which resulted in sound beams or just couldn't help the driver see what's happening right in front of him. It the positioning of the headlights depends from place to place. Either the ECE and SAE standards have different regulations for the nation’s or regions that are being controlled by them.

In the ECE standards ( in the USA ) it is required to have headlights of a particular height such that it is visible for one n all and also enables everyone to see clearly what is in front of them and around.

Depending on the car there is a fixed height at which the headlights is to be positioned and also at what angle should it be imparting the beam on the roads. But generally, all the beacons are placed in a particular way that the area in front of them is visible and not much is seen ( because all the lights are in low beam light and only on high beam turn on the intensity increases and the distance covered is rapidly more ).

The positioning and the correct angle of the Best Car Headlights for Night driving favor for a better result in both coverage and visibility. But as the days went by many different kinds of lights hit the market and created a revolution in the automotive industry.

If study all of the various types would take forever but to understand the basic set up and physical breakdown of a headlight is interesting. A standard light consists of headlight housing and bulbs.

Different types Of Headlights: LED vs HID vs HALOGEN

Headlight housing is the place where the lamp resides. The term housing is used so as to indicate that the bulb which powers the entire headlight lives in the housing which also enables in the maximum intensity and Brightest halogen headlight bulbs along with beautiful beam patterns capable of covering long distances with ease. The lights are classified into two types namely reflectors and projector. Ever since the Advent of lights, reflectors are the once which are used and also very efficient at the time of its discovery. It may be not in function nowadays but sure is a remarkable piece of engineering. The headlight is generally mounted in the front which is flat and surrounding with a chrome plated object which generally reflects the light back on the road.

The build which is placed in the housing is actually covered with a chrome plated piece which is a safety measure as this prevents the bulb from blinding the drivers on the oncoming side of the road and also to control the beam pattern of the Projector headlights.


Automotive Industry of LED headlights for cars

These are the latest advents in the automotive industry as the words literally give their function which is to project light on the road. The Led Projector Headlights here is similar to that of the reflector housing but consists of a projector bowl. This generally reflects all the light towards the magnified projector lens in the housing which is chrome plated for obvious reasons.The light then hits the house, and after it hits the housing, it impacts the light onto the road which is shaped in the pattern of the housing. These are customizable and are removable too. Not the entire headlight but only the build and can be suited to retrofit to your particular Tate in color and intensity.

Generally, these are being used more in the current generation as they provide a sharp cutoff line and also have a Superior output with high focused light. Then we come down to bulbs which are the main part of the headlight without which headlights wouldn't function at all. The Advent of the bulb paved way for many new greater inventions as projector Headlights vs halogen and also has seen a diverse change in the bulb industry and creating a lot more of cheaper, brighter bulbs than the ones which were made in the earlier days.

LED Driving Lights for Cars

A light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconducting device which consists of two lead strips and is a source of emitting light. There is a junction known as a p-n junction which emits light when activated. Led Lights for Cars Headlights are the most recent of discoveries that have to place in the headlight industry. They are tiny and yet very efficient and doesn't cost much to make too.

They are small in size making them very easy to bend and shape them into any form which makes them perfect for using them on headlights. They have come from a long way from just being used as small indicating lights. They are used everywhere from televisions to laptops and also play a fundamental role in the mobile industry also.

Working of LED lights

The Led working is really simple and easy. When a suitable voltage of particular frequency is applied, the electrons recombine with the electron holes within the device to release photons of desired quantity depending on the voltage that has been implemented as well as the excitation of photons.

This effect is known as electroluminescence and the color of the light entirely is based upon the photons released as well as the energy bandgap of the Types of led bulbs   semiconductor. LED's are typically small and are used in the shape of the radiation pattern. Even when the necessary voltage is provided the LED's may not shine or rise up to their expected brightness but with a bit of tweak here and there they sure are efficient and user-friendly in all ways. LED's hit the max brightness with a millionth of a second when compared to HID and halogen headlights.

Uses of LED lights

This is the main reason that LED are used in the brake lights of vehicle's and is proven to be much more useful as it improved the reaction time for hitting the brakes on the road by more than 30%. This is something remarkable and on top of this, the LED's used in a car is more likely to withstand 15000 hours of headlight use. In just a few word's say that there are pros & cons of Led Headlight:

  • Advantages
  • disadvantages
  • specifications
  • Small & really efficient
  • Energy & consumption of energy
  • Lightening system
  • Cheap LED Headlights
  • Advantages
  • disadvantages
  • specifications
  • HID's have an intelligent selection of colors on the color spectrum offering ranges from 3000k to 30000k. But in a recent research, most people prefer the range of 4000k to 6000k on the color spectrum.
  • These colors are the best in their game for mimicking daylight and also have the best night driving results in its game.
  • Due to its arc ignition feature, the light generation at this point t of 4-5 seconds will be of the least intensity. This is because the HID's need to be warmed up for its continuous use.
  • The light reduced by the Headlight restoration kit is along with the infra-red spectrum along with the visible light.
  • This makes it even easier to the people in the colder regions of the world to actually use this in the melting of ice and snow.
  • In the market, HID headlights and the entire kit are found at very cheap rates comparatively and also the best out there.
  • Its nature to lose about 35% of its efficiency in the first 10000 hours, their prices are cheap and only last for 2500 hours.
  • HID headlights are the oldest in the light world and are found in almost every car possible, but the installation of these lights should be down properly as they might affect the driver on the oncoming side and may cause a lot of accidents.

But all this comes with only proper care and protection of the headlights and also looking after it like a little kid. If not taken care properly they tend to start fluctuating and also not work at times. During the end of their lifespan, they exhibit a phenomenon called cycling.

These lamps can be used or commenced in the voltages and cause it to run on high temperature throughout its operation.

However, the initial gas pressure increases and regulates the arc which is required for its operation. This results in the arc to cut off which results in the lamp to shut down and then cool off and the process needs to be repeated all the time until the exact amount of voltage is supplied for the generation of an arc throughout its operation.

Definition of HID Lamps for Cars

In, the developments in the ballast designs have paved the way for it to detect the phenomenon of cycling and stop the attempts after 2-3 tries but if you take out the weight and try to start it again from the circuit, it'll make the same efforts all over again to switch on the HID. But the major factor for its lifespan is its operation and the way it is being operated.

Depending on it's turning on/off manufacturers claim to have 2500 hours on HID headlights which are more than that of the halogen lights. But If you are using a HID, and want to replace it then there are some product recommendation for you.

kensun hid kit for cars
  • If you opt for a HID kit, hid conversion kit kit is the best in the league and also really efficient. Not only is it efficient but also it is cheaper and available in 12 different color temperatures.
  • They come as low as $30 but the premium ones start at $60 which is pretty reasonable.
  • They are various other options out there much more expensive but will last you longer days and also have a better intensity of light output ratio than the intake.
  • When u buys the kensun HID kit, it comes with 2 bulbs and 2 ballasts which are all stored in a cool aluminum case.
  • The lights a pre-wired which help in easy installation of the kit and also no issues are caused which installing the equipment.
  • The kit also comes with a 2-year warranty and also with a lifetime of more than 10 times of a halogen bulb.
  • HID are very useful for various applications and also have a high-intensity output which means to say that HID's generally are slow in the beginning in producing light but in the long run, they are the brightest and also the very best in their game.

Halogen HeadLight For Cars

The problem in the early stages of the automotive industry was the energy which needed to available for the efficiency of the vehicle at a cars disposal was quite a feat to conquer and overcome. So the engineers sought through many solutions for this and came and settled down with tungsten filaments which were similar to the ones found in the household incandescent bulbs.

These are still in operation ever Halogen light bulbs danger since their application in 1960's as they are placed in a bubble shaped headlight to improve performance and longevity of the light. These are the traditional and cheap costing lighting options as they continue to be widely fitted in vehicles all throughout the world in almost every automotive machine out there. There are plenty of ways to which it can be upgraded such as to install brighter bulbs of the same kind which offers between 30%-100% more light than the ones which were already installed. Installation of energy saving light bulbs which paved the way for longer life spans and also they kept and reduced quite a lot of energy.

Adding some personal touch of xenon to the lamp which gave out a bluish tint to the light which only is meant for cosmetic or customization purposes in vehicles.​

functioning of halogen headlight

These Halogen light fixtures are widely used, but because of their ability to produce a significant amount of heat and also deposit skin moisture on the bulbs can reduce their functionality and also their performance depending on the skin moisture accumulated. The halogen lamp is also known as a quartz iodine bulb.

  • The combination of halogen with tungsten paved way for it to produce halogen cycle which performed as a redepositing cycle of the evaporated tungsten onto the filament back again.
  • This resulted in it longitivity and also gave out a clearer brightness. Because of this feature, it can operate at high temperature without any sort of discomfort than that of a standard glass filled bulb producing light of cooler temperatures and higher luminosity.
  • The compact size of the bulbs helps it to be placed in the projector and in the headlights of vehicles.

Today in the world about 90% of the cars which run on the road consist of halogen bulbs fitted into their headlights. But this is not a new Innovation but ever since the Advent of cars the technology has been refined through ages to smoke it more and more efficient.

When the halogen bulb emits light it tends to emit light as well as a lot of heat which results in the untouchability of it when it switched on. This was a problem which had to be brought under control and could lead to several different kinds of accidents.

Specifications of halogen lights
  • The halogen bulb has only 2%-4% efficiency. All this is because the amount of power emitted by a lamp is lesser than the electrical energy drawn.
  • In the world many regions allow halogen bulb to function in the cars. They usually perform in the range of 50W-60W.
  • This range is entirely based on the power emitted by the bulb when compared to the power intake of the bulb. Well, what makes this bulb sell more and more is its simplicity in its function and durability in nature.

They have simple and straightforward wiring which keeps the bulbs steady and rigid and free from any complex errors as of such. Even if nothing holes mainly the tungsten filaments might be damaged which can be replaced. Hence it gives a real cost-free experience for one n all.

Some insight into how the halogen bulb is so famous, there are few bulbs which exhibit excellent high performance for a fraction of the price and have a long lasting nature. First, it's the Sylvania Silver Star Ultra and the second namely Philip's Xtreme vision.

Sylvania silver star ultra halogen bulbs
  • Sylvania is a US based company which is dominating the market with its high-performance products are very affordable rates.
  • They make various Halogen lamp types products and supply it directly to the car manufacturers acting like original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
  • They have a high value in the business world, and also their products have the tendency to last longer without any damage at all.
  • One of their products is the Sylvania Silver Star Ultra which is the highest performer in their range of products and with the cheapest of price tags.

Backup Hour: 200hr

Warranty: 1 Year

Energy: 55W

Output: 4100K Light

  • The majority of the customers coming hat it has a very short life span for the price they have to pay. Another company which is renowned for its outstanding products and services is Philips.
  • Phillips X-treme vision is one of the product from Philips which is leading their halogen bulb product line.
  • Philips is also known as the Giants in electronic consumer gadgets, their products Halogen lamp spectrum are more durable and robust in the given scenario.

Much like Sylvania, they offer a lot more range in their halogen bulb line across the market in the world. The advertisement for the X-treme Vision has stated that it is 130% times brighter than the typical halogen bulb and has a 45m distance of coverage in total. Along with all this comes the price which is priced at about $24 backed up with a 1-year warranty.

Along with all this Philips claims it to have a lifespan of around 320 hours. It is not bad when compared to the Sylvania but has a power intake of about 55W and has a much yellower output at only 3700k. Clearly, the Philips bulb is better and cheaper than the Sylvania Lights and has a better customer rating at about 4.1 stars. The Philips has a much yellower lighting which is less bright than the Sylvania and also has a shorter life span which customers complained about.

Conclusion-which one to choose: LED vs HID vs Halogen headlight

  • About the above context, the Led vs Hid lumens are the ones dominating the market and also possess a wider chance of growth in their domains.
  • In this current situation, the HID's are favored more as they have a brighter output and less intake when compared to the LED and halogens.
  • Halogens are the preferred bulbs used in almost all the current automotive industry making it widely available and cheaper to use.
  • The LED's, on the other hand, is for aesthetic purposes and also helps in making it classier and brighter than the other two.

Having its compact nature and high beam intensity, no wonder car manufacturers look at working with LED more than any other form of light.

  • HID's and LED's are far off the game with their luminous intensity of light and long lasting features, but all this comes at a price, but when compared to halogens it is cheap and cost free as everything is straightforward and nothing that complicated when compared to LEDs and HID's.

But at times LED's and HID's sure do possess threats of self-distraction over a particular usage and don't allow many people to use them but instead, prefer halogen. But at the end of the day, LED's are better, but everything comes at a price and also doesn't ensure it's working after a particular point of time.

When it comes to HID's, it's the same thing over here where everything comes at a risk. If taken care of it will fit action for an extended period but has to maintain in top condition for longer usage. But these are a bit cheaper and can be used on a regular basis but only with proper care.

  • Halogens in the last are the oldest form Laser headlights of producing light on a car. In recent times much advancement in technology has paved the way for making it the best source of light for a headlight.
  • It’s due to its overheating nature, and also its short life span it falls and fails to impress many. But due to its simplicity, it seems more and also because of its robust nature and also it's dynamic coverage of distance it sure is the one chalice for people looking for cheap, bright and quite an average short span of a light source.

Thus, everything is great and bad on one the or the other, and it entirely is based on one's preference whether or not to choose from LED's, HID's or halogens for their headlights.

Juan Kaler / August 30, 2018

Sylvania Headlight Silverstar VS Xtravision

It is the middle of the night. You are on a dark road, no street lights and trees on either side providing an eerie, unnerving feeling and suddenly your headlight blows out. Has this ever happened to you? No? Then you probably own a good pair of headlights. If you have ever gone through that, then we are so sorry about your experience. Most of the buyers while making the buying decision goes through the comparison part which we have mentioned in this article which is latest updated in 2018.

Headlights are as essential components as a steering wheel in any vehicle. The intensity of the light, as well as the down road visibility, are key aspects when it comes to grading any headlight. One more important factor is the life of the headlight. The headlights should not be too pricey and in case they are, they should live out the particular period of time. Today, there are so many headlight manufacturers in the market and with so many options to choose from, we do get confused. Usually, we go for the low priced ones as we deem headlights as not so important. This is where all of us go wrong. If you are here looking to determine the best headlight then let me tell you that you have taken a step in the right direction. So basically in this article, we will be reviewing which the better headlight is, Sylvania Headlight Silverstar or the Sylvania Headlight Xtravision. We will be doing a careful examination of all the specifications and determine the best buy.


Sylvania manufactures powerful headlights. When it comes to which product to buy from Sylvania, it is a tough choice. The Xtravision Sylvania is a high-performance halogen headlight. It is a more intense down road headlight when compared to other products. The purpose of headlights enabling more visibility is definitely fulfilled by this product.

The Xtravision carries the following part numbers:

  • 9003/H4, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9012, H7, H1, H11, H13/9008
  • H4351, H4651, H4656, H4666, H4701, H4703, H5001, H5006, H6024, H6054
Features of Sylvania Xtravision Headlight

It provides greater on-road visibility when compared to Sylvania Basic. The halogen bulbs emit a white light with no glare. Xtravision has a durable filament design and the right gas mixture that enhances visibility many times. Sylvania headlights are 30% brighter referring not to the intensity or lumens, but that the bulb emits light all over that is brighter. Think of it like this, the most intense part of the beam is in the center and decreases as the beam spreads out. The beam may be 30% brighter 2 or 3 feet out or the beam may be 30% brighter at the edge of the road.

  • Part Number:9007XV
  • Weight:0.09lbs
  • Notes:1-packHigh and low beam
  • Amperage Draw:4.3
  • Bulb diamter(In):0.67
  • Bulb Technology:Halogen
  • Color temperature(K):3200
  • Compatible Bulb Number:9007
  • ​DOT / SAE Compliant:Yes
  • Filament Configuration:C-8
  • Headlamp Beam:Low & high beam
  • Headlamp Bulb Base Design:PX29T
  • Headlamp Bulb Configuration:T-45/8
  • High Beam Wattage:65
  • Light Center Length (in):1.75
  • Low Beam Wattage:55
  • Lumens:1000
  • Overall Length (in):3.7
  • Package Contents: 1 Replacement bulb
  • Package Quantity:1
  • Rated Life (hrs):375
  • Vehicle System Voltage:12V
  • Shipping Information:Overnight and Two Day shipping are not available for PO Box, APO/FPO/DPO or US Territory addresses. This product may be shipped directly by the vendor to any eligible US addresses, excluding APO/FPO/DPO or US Territory addresses.
  • Advantages
  • disadvantages
  • Longevity: Longevity is the amount of life your headlight has got. Xtravision headlights extend forward more than OEM, or at least from Oreillys that burn out in less than 4 months. Xtravision lasts for about 850 hours.
  • Intensity: Intensity or Lumen is the brightness that the headlights have. There are Low beam headlights specific regulations in place so that one manufacturer can’t blind all the other drivers on the roads. The Xtravision provides very good visibility in its lifetime. It is about 1000 lumens.
  • Colour Temperature: The higher the Colour vision, the better the headlights work in the thick air. Xtra-vision has a color temperature of 3200K
  • Quality: Xtravision is a great quality light bulb.
  • Price: They are priced at less than 15$ for a pack of two.
  • Credit: Good overall credit scoring from users.
  • It covers a wider area.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with the following models, 9006, H7, 9007, H4, H13, 9005, H11, 9004, H1 and 9003.


Sylvania Silverstar halogen bulbs are among the highest-quality in the automotive market. They have superior visibility and performance. Silverstar provides greater down road visibility as well as side road visibility with a brighter white colour. This enhances the driver’s sightline and enables him/her to have more clarity of the road during night travels. They improve your peripheral vision by up to 50% and boast a beam that’s twice as bright as a typical halogen bulb. Silverstar uses a bluish tinted filter to make the lamp look whiter.

The silverstar carries the following part numbers:

  • 9003/H4, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, H7, H1, H11, H13/9008
Features of Sylvania silverstar Headlight

Sylvania Silverstar headlight integrates highly engineered filament, the right halogen gas mixture, cobalt blue, nano coating technology and triband coating technique to create the brightest down road headlight with whiter light.

  • It offers great night vision with increased clarity.
  • It is DOT approved.
  • Includes replacement bulbs for halogen lights
  • Stylish
  • Part Number:9005SU-2
  • Weight:0.22lbs
  • Amperage Draw:5.08
  • Bulb diamter(In):0.5
  • Bulb Technology:Halogen
  • Color temperature(K):4100
  • Compatible Bulb Number:9005
  • ​DOT / SAE Compliant:Yes
  • Filament Configuration:C-8
  • Headlamp Beam:Low & high beam
  • Headlamp Bulb Base Design:P20d
  • Headlamp Bulb Configuration:T-4
  • High Beam Wattage:65
  • Light Center Length (in):1.24
  • Low Beam Wattage:0
  • Lumens:1700
  • Overall Length (in):3.02
  • Package Contents: 2 Replacement bulb
  • Package Quantity:2
  • Rated Life (hrs):100
  • Vehicle System Voltage:12V
  • Shipping Information:Overnight and Two Day shipping are not available for PO Box, APO/FPO/DPO or US Territory addresses. This product may be shipped directly by the vendor to any eligible US addresses, excluding APO/FPO/DPO or US Territory addresses.
  • Advantages
  • disadvantages

The Sylvania Silverstar headlight will last longer and give off a good white light that comes close to 5K. While some others can do the same, these bulbs are not your regular yellow tinted halogen lights.

  • Intensity: Intensity or Lumen is the brightness that the headlights have. Silverstar provides very great visibility in its lifetime. It is about 1000 lumens.
  • Colour Temperature: The higher the Colour temperature of light, the better it works in thick air. Silverstar comes packing with a colour temperature of 4000K
  • Quality: Silverstar is considered as the best quality halogen light bulb in the markets.
  • Credit: Good overall credit scoring from users.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with the following models, 9006, H7, 9007, H4, H13, 9005, H11, 9004, H1 and 9003.
  • Installation: Silverstar presents an easy plug-and-play installation feature.
  • It has an evenly distributed beam pattern.

Tip for Users


Given that both Sylvania Silverstar and Sylvania Xtravision are manufactured by the same company, it is difficult to say that one product will have better quality than the other. In terms of quality, we can rule out the comparison. So deciding factors essentially boil down to the other key aspects. Let us explore them one by one.

Some of the qualities that cannot be ruled in either of the bulb’s favor are:

Installation:The Installation of headlights depends on the type of car that you own. Both the headlights, Sylvania Silverstar and Sylvania Xtravision come with easy plug-in and play installation. If you are adept in installing car headlights, then you need not have to go to a car mechanic but do it yourself.

Types of bulbs

Both are halogen bulbs.High-intensity discharge bulbs are considered superior to halogen bulbs. Both SilverStar and Xtravision do not come under the category of high-intensity discharge bulbs. Although this serves as a disadvantage in terms of headlights, you should not be too concerned as it is a comparison between two halogen headlights. Halogen bulbs are the traditional type of filament bulbs. They still work well, and you’re not going to have much trouble with either one of these, but you don’t gain the advantage the new HID styles offer.

Lumen: There are standards that indicate headlights should have only so much amount of intensity. The standards are determined by ECE and SAE. ECE standards are mandatory in almost all industrialized countries except the USA. The SAE standards are mandatory only in the USA. Abiding by the standards of ECE and SAE both Sylvania headlights have only a 1000 lumens.

Dimming: Both lights dim with time, but that is a given for any headlight.

Now we can get to the actual comparison part:

The following factors will clearly show which way to go:

Cost: Xtravision is obviously the winner here. We can buy Xtravision for $20 a pair. Silverstar costs around $30 for two bulbs.

Life:Silverstar is said to lasts for about 650 hours. Xtravision lasts for about 850 hours. The longevity was checked by users who installed Silverstar in one of the headlight and Xtravision in the other. Silverstar blue Ultra bright headlamps out 2 months before Xtravision. Xtra-vision is also the winner here.

Colour Temperature:​Why is color temperature so important? Color temperature in lighting refers to the tone of “white” light that is emitted from a light source. Light of color temperature higher than 6000k would be unpleasant to eyes of drivers and pedestrian. Moreover, under foggy or rainy days, the penetrating power of high color temperature light will be weakened, which is bad for driving safety. When purchasing headlight, you need also pay attention to the color temperature value.The color temperature of Silverstar is 4000k while Xtravision comes little lower at 3200K. This makes Silverstar the better headlight.

User reviews of Xtravision & sylvania headlight

One user said that "The Xtravision lights up a wider area and looks brighter".

  • Another user says, “I put in the brighter XtraVision bulbs from Sylvania. These lights provided more lighting than the Silverstars, however, they don't have that nice WHITE look to them. I will say though, they've been in for about 2.5 years and are still going strong.”
  • Still another:“I had 9006 silver stars in my last truck. They were still going when I sold it and I think they had been in for about 2.5 years. This is a Canadian truck and so they doubled as DRL's, they were on every second the truck was on. I had no complaints.”
  • Another User review:“I've tried Sylvania Silverstars and Sylvania XtraVisions in my 99 Miata. The difference between the Silverstars and the XtraVision is negligible.
  • Though I still have the Silverstars, I keep the XtraVision in the headlights.”
  • Users who have tested out both Silverstar and Xtravision concluded that Silverstar while giving more whiter light costs more than Xtravision. Xtravision lasts longer than Silverstar.

It ultimately comes down to your choice between the life of the headlight, cost and the colour temperature. If you are a person who seldom uses their car at night, then you can probably go for Xtravision. On the other hand, if you are a person who uses the car much during the night then you should go for Silverstar lights but they wear out and you have to replace the Silverstar headlights more often than you want. But Silverstar gives you more visibility compared to Xtravision which ultimately is more important for safety. Also if you prefer a “whiter” headlight then you should definitely buy Sylvania Silverstar.

Based on the above review, you can make an informed decision as to which headlight to buy.


CS Joshi / July 19, 2017

Best HID Headlight Bulbs in 2017

Best HID Headlight Bulbs:  High-intensity discharge headlights also known as HID bulbs are the type of lights which came out much after the invention of headlight bulbs. These are much more efficient and also sustainable to any sort of conditions you might put them through.

  • They have a wide application in the automotive sector of the industry. They are much more efficient and use less energy for its duration of light.
  • The light what they give out is really bright and also doesn’t require any sort of High intense voltage for its functionality.
  • They are brilliant and also are remarkable in what they do. They have the specialty go on forever and ever without any problems as well.
  • They require not much maintenance but only need sufficient amount of energy to make it work.

hid driving lights, hid bulbs

hid headlight kits, hid light bulbs

hid headlight, headlight bulbs

These best headlights bulbs have a long-range of light that can be imparted on the road and also have a broad range that can be covered,  more than that their life span is also much higher and also tends to give you the best results for the money that you might have invested in these lamps.

HID Headlights For Cars

HID headlight are the ones that are widely used and give tough competition to LED’s as both of these have the same illuminating range and the light what comes out can cover the same distance as that of LED. So comparing these would be nothing different as both are almost the same, but other than this they function in whole various ways have they don’t have any filament that enables.

led headlights for cars, car headlight bulbs

led car bulbs, automotive led lights

Working For a HID Headlight

  • It works but has a xenon gas and a tungsten filament that help for its illumination, when electricity is passed through the bulb.
  • The power tends to excite the xenon gas particles and those creating holes which I turn makes it illuminate light of the desired color depending on the voltage that is supplied.

Other than this the cars of the modern generation come mostly fitted with HID headlights, but then they tend to wear off soon due to the inefficiency of the light in general, but even after this, there are several other ways by which you can keep them in top condition and also help in making that for a longer duration of time.

Specification of HID Headlight
  • HID headlights bulbs are not that familiar as of now as they tend not to last that long and also could be harmful to the human eye.
  • They tend to have the ability to produce a lot of glare which makes it impossible for the person the incoming side of the road.
  • It may cause a lot of problems and also tend to lead to a lot of accidents.
  • In many times, these headlights are tinted to reduce the glare as well, but then it all comes down to the positioning of the light on the vehicle to achieve maximum coverage of the raid during the night.

This all depends on the individual’s capability of placing it. Even if you don’t have HID headlights, there are plenty of options available out there that makes sure that you get the experience of bright illuminating light at the fraction of the cost, well HID headlights are on the expensive side, but then they tend to stay less as the aftermarket headlights tend to cost less.

Features of HID Headlight For Car

The pre-installed headlights aren’t that capable of providing the necessary brightness. Some might say that they can’t differentiate between high beam and low beam of the headlight but in recent advancements, there has been a significant amount of increase in the development of these headlights.

car led lights, car bulbs

led car headlights, car led headlights

They have overcome the factor of heat generated by these lamps. Most of the time the lifespan of these lights is calculated by the temperatures at which it can perform and also how fast the temperatures can be reduced in the headlights.

  • There are plenty of options that you might want to choose from that are adhered to the way you want it to look on your car.
  • There are numerous types of headlights that enable you to choose from and also help in making the right choice is something that entirely depends on the individual.
  • In the given context there are several other ways you can actually find out about the part that you want for your car.
  • Make sure that the headlight you buy has a perfect fitting and also ensure that they tend to suit the vehicle.

headlight bulb, halogen headlights

Search the web in order to find out more about the part and if anything isn’t found then try to contact the manufacturer directly such that there are no more doubts regarding the headlight that you want to purchase. Make sure you have a clear kind as to what kind of light you are looking for and what is it’s a primary function going to be.

 Best 4 HID Headlights in 2017

  1. Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit
  2. Innovited HID Xenon Conversion Kit
  3. OPT7  HID Kit
  4. Xtreme Vision HID Xenon Conversion Kit

Each headlight bulb is designed for a different kind, so select the right bulb for the right car to get the most out of what you might invest on the headlight itself and also, make sure that the color of the bulb that you buy goes hand in hand with the looks of the car as it might make it look dull or the right choice of color can make it a class apart.

But below are some of the best aftermarket headlights available for the HID headlights, In case you want to convert your existing pair of headlights into HID headlights.

They are the top of their game and also come reasonably cheaper than the others. But recent developments have made them much more advanced and also giving them a whole new lifespan and also making them much more efficient in all the ways possible.

In this article, we can discuss the best headlight bulbs kit you can buy.

Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit
  • Light Output: 200% more light than halogen
  • Power: 35W
  • Color: 4,300K only
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Lifetime: not specified
  • DOT/SAE: DOT Compliant
  • Cost: $49.74 per bulb (D4R format)

hid vs led, led vs halogen

If you ever choose a package from that company, you know that it is best and will last longer than you will ever expect it to last as well. This hid headlights kit what they offer is top class, and ever since they started in 2009.

headlight bulb, headlight bulbs

  • They have never stopped innovating newer and more modern technology into the headlight to make them more durable and more efficient as the days go. But before they only produced HID kits but as of now they provide even LED kits which are only to maintain their rule over the domain of headlights in the market.
  • The entire package comes with an aluminum case which is only to protect it from damages that might happen during transportation.
  • This shows the level of safety they have while making it the best of HID lamps available out there, other than those hid light bulbs it switches all the necessary wires and mounts.
  • It is to ensure maximum fitting along with a lot of efficiency in the fit as well. The company claims to have a really nice plug n play design which doesn’t take any time at all to make sure that it stays there and has a secure for in general.

Although the kit can be a problem for the people, who might be trying it out for the first time. So they have an excellent customer care service which can be called at any point in time to ensure that you are guided into right way possible. But then also the package comes with necessary manual and guides to make sure that the product is fit and seamless throughout the headlight without any failures.

Over the years the company has many products and sold them at a reasonable rate and also very efficient but as time and technology go by they tend to have a unique approach in making their product shock proof and water proof. Take the entire circuitry of this product and put it under water and still the device will work without any sort of problems.

headlight bulbs, best headlight bulbs

Specification of Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit

It is what the company guarantees to give the product, but the bulbs have a brightness factor of about of the HID Conversion Kit: 35 Watts per bulb. They tend to last 10 times longer than normal

Energy: 35W

Cost: $50

Warranty: 2 Years

best headlight bulbs, headlight bulb

  • They tend to last 10 times longer than normal hid lights.
  • It is due to innovation in technology and by reducing the heat which is produced by the device itself.
  • It’s excellent cooling system the device attains a lot more life span than any other headlights available out there.

So the more you out on the more illumination you get at night and brighter the nights become, but for all this, there is no compromise whatsoever as the company tends to offer much higher illuminating bulb which has greater luminosity range than that of a standard halogen bulb.


  • Less Energy
  • Allows Maximum Usage
  • More Durable
  • Less Prone to Failure
  • Much Efficiency
  • Don’t have any Problems

Innovited HID Xenon Conversion Kit

If you are looking for the cheapest conversion kit available out there then these are the best there is in the lot, for a company that is not even known worldwide or in the country itself, they tend to provide a lot of brightness and also ensure that the light covers a lot of range, but from a company that isn’t even known and to be featuring in the top hid headlight conversion kit out there, now that’s something special.

hids lights, hid driving lights

bulb headlight, led headlight bulbs

halogen light, car headlights led

But only from source, we get to know that these guys do tend to make products mainly for the automotive industry and that is Amazon.

They do tend to have a lot of positive feedback and also ensure that they have a lot of fan following.

Specification of Innovited HID Xenon Conversion Kit
  • Light Output: 3 times more light than halogen
  • Power: 35W
  • Color: 4,300K only
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Lifetime: 3 times longer than halogen
  • DOT/SAE: DOT compliant
  • Cost: $60.95 per bulb (D1S)

Many people love the product and are just amazing to see that for a known company there is so much demand for their products, but when you buy this product the packaging of this product is really neat and also really good.

Guiding and Installation For HID Driving Lights

If you have any problems, you can always contact the customer care service as they are excellent in what they do best and that is to guide you in installing the entire kit correctly.

The entire case is adamant and rigid which is shock proof and waterproof as well. The company claims that this product can run on any sort of climatic conditions and have a 5500 hours lifespan, which is truly remarkable? But then while installing this.

  • It comes with everything that u might ever require to install these hid driving lights into your vehicle.
  • They come with all sorts of clamps along with wires and the house a plug n play design which takes you no less than 20-30 mins to install as there no need to cut the wires but merely just plug it in and get along with it.
  • They are humorous as well as cool to talk. But if that doesn’t help then you still have the manuals and the instructions are clearly written on them to ensure a flush fit in the headlights itself.
  • The total brightness that they can give out is any about 35 Watts and have a slide span which not many HID lights can match up.
  • They also come with a one year warranty such that if anything goes wrong it can be replaced at all times.
  • The overall verdict would be that they are one small company offering such a great product is remarkably unusual. More than that they tend to cost less and provide an incredible customer care support.

They also tend to require a much longer period of actually lighting up. But other than this an excellent product and a fantastic choice for someone who wants to take up HID headlights as their headlights but isn’t sure about it.

How to Install HID Headlight Bulb, Here is the Video You can Check Here & Install the HID Headlight Bulb:

OPT7  HID Kit for Headlight Bulbs

OPT7 has been in the game of manufacturing of HID lamps since 2006, and then they have their products sold nationwide. More or less they tend to produce and provide outstanding products all the time. Though their attention might as well shift in providing bulb headlight, their touches in HID headlights remain the same.

led hid, led or hid

  • This company is a California-based company which is famous for it’s all in one product which sells a lot in the USA.
  • The product features a bullet kind of design in the ballast; well ballast is really small and requires nothing for its mounting.
  • It can directly be installed on the headlight and can function properly without any mounts or such. But along with the product, there are other sorts of relay harnesses which tend to go along with the device.

It is basically to avoid any fluctuations or voltage spikes which tend to have a toll if not taken care. But the product comes with all this covered and doesn’t require anything else for its protection. The ballast is minuscule and you might as well be wondering that it might be inefficient but that’s where you’re wrong.

Specification of OPT7  HID Kit for Headlight Bulbs
  • Light Output: 3 times brighter than halogen
  • Power: 35W
  • Color: Full range available 3,000K – 30,000K
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Lifetime: longer lasting
  • DOT/SAE: not specified
  • Cost: $34
  • Hours: 4500hr

These HID ballast features a blitz ASIC 3000 HID chipset which enhances the brightness of the bulb to over 300 times more than the standard bulb and increases the intensity on the darkest of roads remarkably high.

The lamp is designed and made in such a way that the small nature shouldn’t fool anyone for the capability that it has to offer.

hid driving lights, blue headlight bulbs

hid car lights, car hid lights

The bulb is made out of a UV-cut quartz Z-arc glass and also the bulb is color calibrated which means to say that they tend to have the ability to impart color on whatever the temperature they are made to give color.

Installation Process of  OPT7  HID Kit

So you can use this tension free and just enjoy the light that it impacts of that you can find easily headlight bulb finder in here could be in competition with other bulb manufacturers as well. But in the end, these products are very easy to install and doesn’t need any sort of help.

They exceeded all the expectation from a regular HID headlight as these were way brighter and better in all the way possible, and also the main factor is they the efficiency of them, and the brightness what it imparted on the road made it just fantastic for the driver to see through clearly in the night-time and also improved visibility on a drastic scale.

Xtreme Vision HID Xenon Conversion Kit

The Company that makes these HID headlights is Philips and what we have learned till now is that they beat at what they do and they don’t belong to the xenon category of lights but belong to the HID headlights as even on their site these headlights are classified under the HID segment. When you order the kit, the kit comes in a neat and sleek packaging.

headlights for cars, hid headlights

car led, car led lights

led for cars, automotive led lights

It comes with everything and anything that you might need to install it with ease and without any problems. Also, some headlights might need a battery harness or a canceled cable which come with the kit but on request, and you will have to pay extra, but other than this the entire package is durable and is efficient in every way possible.

Specification of Xtreme Vision HID Xenon Conversion Kit
  • Light Output: 3,200 lumens, 300% of halogen
  • Power: 35W
  • Color: 3,000K – 8,000K
  • Warranty: not specified
  • Lifetime: 3,000 hours
  • DOT/SAE: not specified
  • Cost: $28.85 for 2 bulbs (D2R)

Hence use them however you want and just enjoy. Although for the price of $28 dollars, it is a bargain that you can ask for as they are very easy to install and they also tend to illuminate really Bright blue headlight bulbs which are brighter than that of a standard halogen bulb.

At this price and it offers such amazing features, it is a must but for the people who are looking in to buy HID headlight bulbs for a car for a cheap rate but provide the best results. But check when you get your product as many complained that the lights never switched on or they were faulty. So ensure that you have the right package or go on for something better.

If you Buy this Product, so that you can Click Here:

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