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Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Halogen bulbs were the first to be used in the automotive industry and still are being used in the cars that run on the road. They tend to have a lot of usages but in general, let's stick in the automotive world. They illuminate a bright yellow light which is imparted on the road.

  • The beam patterns of these halogen light bulbs are both that particular but just how's in whatever direction they like, and moreover, on top of that, they do need some time to switch them on.
  • It requires the bulb to be heated up before taking usage making it slow. Although they have been used since the early times they have a simple working state and also could be efficient at times of need.

They are mainly applied in the automotive industry, and in recent developments, they are made to be effective and not that time to consume in starting it.

Basic Principles of Halogen Headlight Bulb

The basic principles at which they perform is the presence of a tungsten filament. It is a sort of a thing which tends to generate heat and light when comes in contact with electricity, but around this is a gas known as halogen which gives the Halogen Light Led its name which is required to make the tungsten glow and illuminate the light.

  • The luminosity of the lamp is entirely dependent on the pressure at which that bulb is filled with gas it sure does require a lot more energy for it even to illuminate the light.
  • In another hand a lot of energy and heat is dissipated which makes it fragile to wear and tear and moreover the tungsten filament gets corroded due to a lot of usages and not maintenance of the bulb.
  • Function of Halogen Headlight Bulb

    They have been replaced by newer and newer source of lighting methods such as HID lights and LED's which are far better, but the primary factor that what makes it keep running is the fact that it can be manufactured with really less cost and can illuminate the brightest of lights at its full capacity.

    • It is due to the intensity of current that passes through the bulb. But this, in general, is very useful in cars as they don't tend to have any glare on the oncoming side of cars and can keep you safe all throughout.
  • Efficiency of Halogen Headlight Bulb

    They tend to have more properties on the safer side and also require much less energy for its usage, other than this the positioning of the bulbs plays a major in illuminating the road ahead. And also can determine the efficiency of the lamp.
    • These bulbs sure are efficient in their way but then have their effectiveness up to a range and also need a lot of special care and attention so as to not rupture the internal components of the bulb.
    • They cannot be overheated as they will tend to not work and I some worst case scenarios even blast. Other than this they have a luminosity range and also illuminate a lot of bright light.
    • They can't cover that much of distance, but with controlled tactics, they can impart an extended range of lighting all throughout.
    • It then they don't come only with stock cars but also have aftermarket headlights are also available for halogen bulbs.
    • They are much more efficient and also tend to have a lot more punch to the illuminating factor of the led headlight bulbs, once installed they tend to have a better look and feel in the car and also give you the brightest of experiences while you drive in the night.
  • But when we talk about different kinds of halogen bulbs we relate to the various types of design, efficiency as well as the power intake and output of these devices. They tend to have much more power output but should be considered only if the bulb is suitable for your use and can fit alongside with the headlights that you already have.
    Below are some of the Halogen Headlight Bulbs that are used in cars or other places and are at the best of their game.

    Best Buy Halogen Headlight Bulb

    Philips X-Treme Halogen Headlight Bulb

    Looking for the best pairs of halogen bulbs that you can get your hand son then these will never let you down as they are the best in the game and also the best halogen headlight bulbs that you can find on the market at present.

    • The reason why these are that famous is that they tend to have a much better efficiency and also they are very reasonably priced.
    • They are very cheap than the other product ls discussed here and also tend to have a lot more better features as well.
    • The light imparted by this bulb is twice the range and twice the brightness of a standard halogen bulb but to gain significant thing you have to compromise on the all things.

  • So in this, the life span of this is affected but not by much only a matter of few hours. The primary usage for these kinds of lights could be used in places which are dimly lit, or there is no light at all.

    Primary uses of Halogen Headlight Bulb

    The light imparted by these cover a distance of about 115 feet and also makes it longer than the standard halogen bulb. What makes it this special as the Philips halogen light features a state of the art technology which makes it give So much lighter and also covers a larger distance?

    Installation of Halogen headlight bulb video here:

    Comparison to Halogen Headlight Bulb

    • They can be used in adverse weather conditions, rain, and other foggy situations as well.
    • They do not tend to have any glare such that the person on the other side of the raid as no problem in driving and also doesn't cause temporary blindness which may cause a lot of problems and in some cases fatal accidents.
    • You can see directly onto these bulbs without anything happening to your eyes and also enables you to stay on a constant look out as they don't make your eyes squint at all.
    • The color imparted is about the same color of yellow but at the color temperature of about 3400K, they sure do seem to know what they are doing.
  • This product is the best for the people who aren't looking at investing on something that is expensive but wants a cheaper and better alternative. You know that the product is meant Halogen light for car to last as the company which manufacturers this tends to have a good reputation at what they do.
    Although these are advertised to be used in rural areas they can be utilized more in cities as they have a more appealing look and also would suit the city environment more. And what makes them best seller is the fact that a set costs $30 dollars. And they excel in whatever they are designed to function.

    Sylvania silver star ultra high performance

    • The brand is just amazing I what it does as they are the pioneers in headlight manufacturing. They produce more halogen bulbs than any other manufacturer, and also sell more as well.
    • The products that they produce are top notch and also are far better than the regular ones that you might find out there. The company is a trusted name, and you know that the product that you have bought will last you for a long time and also keep up to it name for an extended period.
    • This product is the flagship product of the company.
  • Specification of Sylvania silver star 

    • If it's a flagship model then it sure does have to be the best in its class as the company's entire reputation lies on it.
    • This headlight bulb offers the highest down the road visibility range with white lights as well.
    • They tend to be that way for a longer period as the way it is manufactured sophisticated and also really impressive.
    • The combination of a wide range and a longer range which can be covered gives the driver a wider visibility range, and also a lot more of the nightlife can be experienced without any sort of strain to the eyes.
  • Requirement of Halogen Headlight Bulbs

    The Halogen bulbs that the company makes is glare free as they do now impart any brightness which much causes temporary blindness to the incoming traffic, to achieve all sylvania headlight bulb comparison chart of this they are designed and manufactured with the highest way of engineering and also has a Cobalt nanotechnology which just sets it apart from the rest.
    • There is a tri-band coating which enables the bulb to impart more light than ever and also give out a bright white light.
    • They can be replaced but the standard bulbs that come with your car and will definitely increase the look and night visibility range of the car.
    • They come with a plug n play design such that there is no requirement for any sort of external wires as of such to make the installation.
  • Specifications of Halogen Headlight Bulbs

    • Everything comes included and would not to you less than 20-30 mins for its installation.
    • The color temperature of these halogen bulbs is below 4000K which gives out a cool blue or close to white sort of a color.
    • They can be altered by tints to get whichever color you might desire.
    • The high beams in these halogen headlights are slightly warmer whereas the low beams are much cooler Sylvania bulbs catalog which imparts a cold white light down the road.
    • They are really very affordable as the cost no less than $40 dollars.
    • This also comes switch a value as their total life span is for about 200 hours which is low but then is used in several cases.
    • But if you tend to go out on a lot of night drives then you might want to invest in something that lasts a bit longer or buying something which could last you a lifetime.

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited Super White

The Osram Sylvania brand is well known worldwide but not that well in the USA as there it is only known for its lighting capability, But this is nothing to do with the discussion of halogen headlight bulbs


Specification of OSRAM night breaker unlimited super white

  • The product is really very good.
  • It is no compromise in efficiency as the same company that manufacturers Sylvania Silver Star Ultra are the same producers of this as well.
  • These bulbs are much more efficient as they provide an 110% efficiency rate at which they are designed to last.
  • This might vary as it all comes down to how you use them.
  • The color of the light which gets imparted on the road is at about 3600K which tends to make it a bit cooler and also close to the white halogen bulbs.
  • This is also very efficient as it is 20% more efficient than the standard halogen bulb.

Functions of OSRAM night breaker Headlight Bulb

  • The light imparted can travel a whole of distance and can cover up to 40m of the road, and moreover, it all depends on you as the results may vary and depend on the positioning of the bulbs in general.
  • The robust coil structure in the bulb gives this a high life span as they are built to last for a long time and have no problems whatsoever.
  • Everything about Osram Headlights is unique and different, and also they have up to 500 hours of usage which make it long lasting as well.

These kinds of headlights are mainly used in daytime known as DRL. But you were to use this in the night time, you would have to go with precaution but then they are much more efficient and better than the standard halogen bulb.

PIAA 15224 Xtreme White Plus High Performance

The Company isn't that famous but the products what they make are world class and the best in the headlight industry.

When we specify the word efficiency we mean to say that these are really powerful and really efficient. Other light manufacturers may have made Headlight Restoration Kit name in the automotive industry but that have a thing name in the racing part of the car industry.The majority of them wouldn't want to out these products onto their vehicles as they cost.

Specifications Of Xtreme Plushigh Performance

  • Energy: 110W
  • Power: 60W
  • A bit more and wouldn't want to invest something which they just need in the night time to see what's happening ahead.
  • The product, in general, is a really efficient and outstanding.
  • They come in direct competition with HID headlights in the market as well as they tend to have a cooler illumination of light as well.
  • The color temperature of these c6 led headlights h4 is at 4100K which is much more efficient and better in all ways possible.
  • They have a cool bluish tint to the light and also have a bright white light as well.

Other than this they give a tough competition to Sylvania as well. They possess a heat resist quartz grill in the glass that they fit it in so ensure that the heat stays out of the headlight making it cooler and more durable and gives it a longer lifespan. The bulb also houses some additional technology to make every inch of this bulb give it more than what you can expect. They use aerospace technology for more durability of their alloy filaments.

It is the best halogen headlights game of illumination and also h4 led headlight job well without any problems. A genuine product and also are long lasting one as well.

Philips Crystal Vision Ultra of Halogen Headlights

The design of this product is more or less a look alike like the ones you might find in the Philips xenon kit. If you ever but this product then you sure don't need to have any problems with it being damaged by the company which lakes it is known for its durability and also for its longevity of its products.

HID headlights
  • These bulbs are designed in such a way that they look fantastic halogen lights for cars and also have that beautiful look for what they are intended to be fit.
  • They tend to have a really bright illuminating light that tends to overpowers even the brightest of HID lamps that might be available out there.
  • It also has a lot of similarities to the xenon bulbs, but then they are more or less much more efficient than these.

The bulb is given value to the color such that they impart a blue color on the road at night times and has a color temperature of about 4000K which does an excellent job of making even the darkest of nights look the brightest of days and impart real good bright white halogen bulbs.

These should be bought only if you want to have a really bright white light at the night times. For the brightness and range covered by these bulbs is no less than that of a standard halogen bulb but then the manufacturer that produces.

The business of making amazing products and also ensure that they are last for a longer time. If you buy these, you know that they will never let you down and have the brightest of light at all the times for a fraction of the price that of another halogen bulb out there.

Sylvania Silver star ZXE High Performance

These products have an aesthetic point of view of a xenon bulb but are halogen bulbs. They are best in the game the company that manufacturers it is the best in the match as well.

Specification of Sylvania Silver star ZXE High Performance

  • They have a color temperature of 4000K which is white and a bright white color to be precise. But due to their blue cobalt coating.
  • They tend to produce a light Blue tint throughout.
  • It not only provides excellent bright blue light but lasts a lot more efficient lighting throughout.
  • It doesn't let these fool you into being halogen bulbs as they are a hybrid of xenon and halogen bulbs.

These are the best type of replacement option for the HID headlights as they are efficient and much brighter than those. They also cost really high and are not meant for everybody.

  • They are only designed for those who can actually afford them and also makes sure that they want bright cool blue light which is not only efficient but also covers a lot of ground in general.
  • For aesthetic point of view, they have a metal top alloy that makes it a much better-looking product as it looks flush and dazzling when the entire thing lights up.

So at the end of the day if you are looking for a replacement option for the Best HID headlights Bulbs but want that same functionality at a lesser price then these bulbs are beaten options for you.

Sylvania Silver star High Performance

The name itself says that they are really high performance and also does justice to the kind of output they have for the area of illuminating a particular region of an area at the night time. But this product, especially, isn't anything spectacular or doesn't do any good in the performance area as well.

Features of Sylvania Silver star High Performance

  • They were strictly designed on a budget as these are budget headlights which tend to have high performance of a particular range.
  • You cannot compare these to anything else as they are in their own league of not providing that bright light, but can be used to brighten up a small area without any problems at all.
  • More or less they can be used in motorcycles as well, but for vehicles, there are many solutions out there from which you can choose from.
  • They have a beautiful blue coating to impart a blue light which could also make you see in the dark and also doesn't have that much of range.
  • The life span is short, but these tend to be useful for those who are on a budget and want minimum lighting for a price.

Juan Kaler / August 30, 2018

Sylvania Headlight Silverstar VS Xtravision

It is the middle of the night. You are on a dark road, no street lights and trees on either side providing an eerie, unnerving feeling and suddenly your headlight blows out. Has this ever happened to you? No? Then you probably own a good pair of headlights. If you have ever gone through that, then we are so sorry about your experience. Most of the buyers while making the buying decision goes through the comparison part which we have mentioned in this article which is latest updated in 2018.

Headlights are as essential components as a steering wheel in any vehicle. The intensity of the light, as well as the down road visibility, are key aspects when it comes to grading any headlight. One more important factor is the life of the headlight. The headlights should not be too pricey and in case they are, they should live out the particular period of time. Today, there are so many headlight manufacturers in the market and with so many options to choose from, we do get confused. Usually, we go for the low priced ones as we deem headlights as not so important. This is where all of us go wrong. If you are here looking to determine the best headlight then let me tell you that you have taken a step in the right direction. So basically in this article, we will be reviewing which the better headlight is, Sylvania Headlight Silverstar or the Sylvania Headlight Xtravision. We will be doing a careful examination of all the specifications and determine the best buy.


Sylvania manufactures powerful headlights. When it comes to which product to buy from Sylvania, it is a tough choice. The Xtravision Sylvania is a high-performance halogen headlight. It is a more intense down road headlight when compared to other products. The purpose of headlights enabling more visibility is definitely fulfilled by this product.

The Xtravision carries the following part numbers:

  • 9003/H4, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9012, H7, H1, H11, H13/9008
  • H4351, H4651, H4656, H4666, H4701, H4703, H5001, H5006, H6024, H6054
Features of Sylvania Xtravision Headlight

It provides greater on-road visibility when compared to Sylvania Basic. The halogen bulbs emit a white light with no glare. Xtravision has a durable filament design and the right gas mixture that enhances visibility many times. Sylvania headlights are 30% brighter referring not to the intensity or lumens, but that the bulb emits light all over that is brighter. Think of it like this, the most intense part of the beam is in the center and decreases as the beam spreads out. The beam may be 30% brighter 2 or 3 feet out or the beam may be 30% brighter at the edge of the road.

  • Part Number:9007XV
  • Weight:0.09lbs
  • Notes:1-packHigh and low beam
  • Amperage Draw:4.3
  • Bulb diamter(In):0.67
  • Bulb Technology:Halogen
  • Color temperature(K):3200
  • Compatible Bulb Number:9007
  • ​DOT / SAE Compliant:Yes
  • Filament Configuration:C-8
  • Headlamp Beam:Low & high beam
  • Headlamp Bulb Base Design:PX29T
  • Headlamp Bulb Configuration:T-45/8
  • High Beam Wattage:65
  • Light Center Length (in):1.75
  • Low Beam Wattage:55
  • Lumens:1000
  • Overall Length (in):3.7
  • Package Contents: 1 Replacement bulb
  • Package Quantity:1
  • Rated Life (hrs):375
  • Vehicle System Voltage:12V
  • Shipping Information:Overnight and Two Day shipping are not available for PO Box, APO/FPO/DPO or US Territory addresses. This product may be shipped directly by the vendor to any eligible US addresses, excluding APO/FPO/DPO or US Territory addresses.
  • Advantages
  • disadvantages
  • Longevity: Longevity is the amount of life your headlight has got. Xtravision headlights extend forward more than OEM, or at least from Oreillys that burn out in less than 4 months. Xtravision lasts for about 850 hours.
  • Intensity: Intensity or Lumen is the brightness that the headlights have. There are Low beam headlights specific regulations in place so that one manufacturer can’t blind all the other drivers on the roads. The Xtravision provides very good visibility in its lifetime. It is about 1000 lumens.
  • Colour Temperature: The higher the Colour vision, the better the headlights work in the thick air. Xtra-vision has a color temperature of 3200K
  • Quality: Xtravision is a great quality light bulb.
  • Price: They are priced at less than 15$ for a pack of two.
  • Credit: Good overall credit scoring from users.
  • It covers a wider area.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with the following models, 9006, H7, 9007, H4, H13, 9005, H11, 9004, H1 and 9003.


Sylvania Silverstar halogen bulbs are among the highest-quality in the automotive market. They have superior visibility and performance. Silverstar provides greater down road visibility as well as side road visibility with a brighter white colour. This enhances the driver’s sightline and enables him/her to have more clarity of the road during night travels. They improve your peripheral vision by up to 50% and boast a beam that’s twice as bright as a typical halogen bulb. Silverstar uses a bluish tinted filter to make the lamp look whiter.

The silverstar carries the following part numbers:

  • 9003/H4, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, H7, H1, H11, H13/9008
Features of Sylvania silverstar Headlight

Sylvania Silverstar headlight integrates highly engineered filament, the right halogen gas mixture, cobalt blue, nano coating technology and triband coating technique to create the brightest down road headlight with whiter light.

  • It offers great night vision with increased clarity.
  • It is DOT approved.
  • Includes replacement bulbs for halogen lights
  • Stylish
  • Part Number:9005SU-2
  • Weight:0.22lbs
  • Amperage Draw:5.08
  • Bulb diamter(In):0.5
  • Bulb Technology:Halogen
  • Color temperature(K):4100
  • Compatible Bulb Number:9005
  • ​DOT / SAE Compliant:Yes
  • Filament Configuration:C-8
  • Headlamp Beam:Low & high beam
  • Headlamp Bulb Base Design:P20d
  • Headlamp Bulb Configuration:T-4
  • High Beam Wattage:65
  • Light Center Length (in):1.24
  • Low Beam Wattage:0
  • Lumens:1700
  • Overall Length (in):3.02
  • Package Contents: 2 Replacement bulb
  • Package Quantity:2
  • Rated Life (hrs):100
  • Vehicle System Voltage:12V
  • Shipping Information:Overnight and Two Day shipping are not available for PO Box, APO/FPO/DPO or US Territory addresses. This product may be shipped directly by the vendor to any eligible US addresses, excluding APO/FPO/DPO or US Territory addresses.
  • Advantages
  • disadvantages

The Sylvania Silverstar headlight will last longer and give off a good white light that comes close to 5K. While some others can do the same, these bulbs are not your regular yellow tinted halogen lights.

  • Intensity: Intensity or Lumen is the brightness that the headlights have. Silverstar provides very great visibility in its lifetime. It is about 1000 lumens.
  • Colour Temperature: The higher the Colour temperature of light, the better it works in thick air. Silverstar comes packing with a colour temperature of 4000K
  • Quality: Silverstar is considered as the best quality halogen light bulb in the markets.
  • Credit: Good overall credit scoring from users.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with the following models, 9006, H7, 9007, H4, H13, 9005, H11, 9004, H1 and 9003.
  • Installation: Silverstar presents an easy plug-and-play installation feature.
  • It has an evenly distributed beam pattern.

Tip for Users


Given that both Sylvania Silverstar and Sylvania Xtravision are manufactured by the same company, it is difficult to say that one product will have better quality than the other. In terms of quality, we can rule out the comparison. So deciding factors essentially boil down to the other key aspects. Let us explore them one by one.

Some of the qualities that cannot be ruled in either of the bulb’s favor are:

Installation:The Installation of headlights depends on the type of car that you own. Both the headlights, Sylvania Silverstar and Sylvania Xtravision come with easy plug-in and play installation. If you are adept in installing car headlights, then you need not have to go to a car mechanic but do it yourself.

Types of bulbs

Both are halogen bulbs.High-intensity discharge bulbs are considered superior to halogen bulbs. Both SilverStar and Xtravision do not come under the category of high-intensity discharge bulbs. Although this serves as a disadvantage in terms of headlights, you should not be too concerned as it is a comparison between two halogen headlights. Halogen bulbs are the traditional type of filament bulbs. They still work well, and you’re not going to have much trouble with either one of these, but you don’t gain the advantage the new HID styles offer.

Lumen: There are standards that indicate headlights should have only so much amount of intensity. The standards are determined by ECE and SAE. ECE standards are mandatory in almost all industrialized countries except the USA. The SAE standards are mandatory only in the USA. Abiding by the standards of ECE and SAE both Sylvania headlights have only a 1000 lumens.

Dimming: Both lights dim with time, but that is a given for any headlight.

Now we can get to the actual comparison part:

The following factors will clearly show which way to go:

Cost: Xtravision is obviously the winner here. We can buy Xtravision for $20 a pair. Silverstar costs around $30 for two bulbs.

Life:Silverstar is said to lasts for about 650 hours. Xtravision lasts for about 850 hours. The longevity was checked by users who installed Silverstar in one of the headlight and Xtravision in the other. Silverstar blue Ultra bright headlamps out 2 months before Xtravision. Xtra-vision is also the winner here.

Colour Temperature:​Why is color temperature so important? Color temperature in lighting refers to the tone of “white” light that is emitted from a light source. Light of color temperature higher than 6000k would be unpleasant to eyes of drivers and pedestrian. Moreover, under foggy or rainy days, the penetrating power of high color temperature light will be weakened, which is bad for driving safety. When purchasing headlight, you need also pay attention to the color temperature value.The color temperature of Silverstar is 4000k while Xtravision comes little lower at 3200K. This makes Silverstar the better headlight.

User reviews of Xtravision & sylvania headlight

One user said that "The Xtravision lights up a wider area and looks brighter".

  • Another user says, “I put in the brighter XtraVision bulbs from Sylvania. These lights provided more lighting than the Silverstars, however, they don't have that nice WHITE look to them. I will say though, they've been in for about 2.5 years and are still going strong.”
  • Still another:“I had 9006 silver stars in my last truck. They were still going when I sold it and I think they had been in for about 2.5 years. This is a Canadian truck and so they doubled as DRL's, they were on every second the truck was on. I had no complaints.”
  • Another User review:“I've tried Sylvania Silverstars and Sylvania XtraVisions in my 99 Miata. The difference between the Silverstars and the XtraVision is negligible.
  • Though I still have the Silverstars, I keep the XtraVision in the headlights.”
  • Users who have tested out both Silverstar and Xtravision concluded that Silverstar while giving more whiter light costs more than Xtravision. Xtravision lasts longer than Silverstar.

It ultimately comes down to your choice between the life of the headlight, cost and the colour temperature. If you are a person who seldom uses their car at night, then you can probably go for Xtravision. On the other hand, if you are a person who uses the car much during the night then you should go for Silverstar lights but they wear out and you have to replace the Silverstar headlights more often than you want. But Silverstar gives you more visibility compared to Xtravision which ultimately is more important for safety. Also if you prefer a “whiter” headlight then you should definitely buy Sylvania Silverstar.

Based on the above review, you can make an informed decision as to which headlight to buy.