Aftermarket LED Headlights [Latest 2021 Version]

LED Headlights are a source of light that is attached to the front of a car and also is a useful device that can enable you to drive in the darkest of roads wherever possible. They are spherical or square at times when they are designed to fit the car correctly or just go with the looks of the car. But these many other uses than just illuminating the road ahead of you.

Best Aftermarket LED Headlight in 2021


  • They have a function known as high beam and low beam which is very useful when it comes to driving on a two-way road.
  • It makes everything visible ahead of you and also makes sure that the person in from of you who is driving knows your presence.
  • Low beam is nothing but the ability of a headlight to make sure that the light is at its minimal power and can brighten the road in front of the driver not to an extent as all the light particles are scattered and not much goes ahead.
  • These are useful when you drive on the highway to enable the other person that you are there.
  • Then there are high beams which use the entire power of the headlight to display the brightest of beams to make sure the light covers maximum distance.

These are widely used in places which have zero visibility range and also come when you need to notify your presence while driving fast. Then there is best headlights to buy something called as Dipper which tends to dip or change from low to high beams simultaneously and also enables the person in from of you that you are right behind him or to make him give way to you. But in recent advancements, there are headlights which are also used in the daytime to add several other features or just for the design point of view they are installed.

They are mainly known as DRL and also have a high luminosity range and hence can be used in the daytime.

Aftermarket Car LED Headlight

Since the first car was ever produced there have been several advancements in the development of the Car headlights as there was only on the type of color which the light imparted on the road and that was a yellowish tint which was very boring and never that great, Now we have a broad range of high bright luminous light which is mostly white or a slight tint of blue. But even with their Advent of newer and newer headlights.


  • There were some disadvantages as they have a lot of glare which was being imparted on the road.
  • It caused a lot of problem to the people on the other side of the road and also to the pedestrians causing temporary blindness which may prove fatal on high-speed car driving.

They also had not that much of luminosity with which they could be used for a long duration as heat and temperature made it impossible for its long usage and also made manufacturers frustrated as well.

But the earlier headlights had no way of cooling the lights and also made it impossible for them to be efficient as they used to consume a lot of energy and illuminate less brightness than expected. And also they don’t have the capability of making the road in front of them brighten up enough for the driver to see. Best headlight bulbs for night driving But these were the earlier days but in recent advancements, there have been a lot of changes and a lot of improvements which has enabled car manufacturers to make their cars look the best of their capabilities.

Most the newer types of headlights have been HID lights and LED lights. These have very high luminosity range and also are really compact in nature. These factors enable the car manufacturers to play around them and making them really unique due to their compact nature and really flexible in design. But then these came standard in the present day cars as they provided much better looks and even the output of light was extremely high.

The cost was reduced not by much but made a significant increase in performance. But the three of them halogen headlights, HID headlights and LED lights all to have its drawbacks as well as advantages over each other and also they are at the top of their game in their way.

Different Types Of Headlights

  • Halogen Headlight
  • Xenon Headlight
  • Aftermarket Headlight

Before you choose a headlight for your vehicle, you need to be sure about what is it going to be used for and what primary purpose it is going to have in your vehicle after it has been installed in the vehicle. Each action of the headlight is for a particular purpose only, and Connors has adhered to any other kind of situation as it will fail miserably and never give you the desired clearance of the road at night time.

So choose wisely. But in today’s automotive industry there are only these three but yet more kinds of development, but then you sure can never expect what might come out next. So think before choosing to make the best use out of the headlights.

Halogen lights

  • Halogen Light was the first ever lights that have been used since the very beginning of the automotive industry.
  • These headlights are nothing but a tungsten filament which illuminates high level of intensity of light on application of an enormous amount of energy with the liberation of heat and power at the same time.
  • There is halogen gas as well stores within the bulb as when switched on the gas reacted with the tungsten filament to give out a bright light and when altered with the current being great the headlight it gave out the desired amount of brightness but with a lot of heat and a significant rise in temperature.
  • At times a lot of there were attached to each other to create a much brightest led headlights and also gives out a lot better clearance of the darkness which allows the drivers to see through the darkness with ease and without any difficulty. But there was one problem.


  • The reaction of halogen gas with the tungsten filament only created heat but nothing else and the luminosity range also was affected as there was only heat and never gave out the expected results.
  • There was another problem a major one which was that the tungsten filament would work only for a certain amount of time and also not allow the bulb to work exactly.

How it should but stop making it work as the halogen gas present in the bulb would corrode the filament making it not work and also make it really inefficient at all time. For all purpose easily available custom headlights for cars are also good options.

Uses of Halogen light Bulbs

  • This would make it loose it’s luminosity range and also not make it work at most of the times. But this wasn’t the case in the other headlights which came out much later.
  • These were called high-intensity discharge lamps or better known as HID headlights.
  • This was much more advanced ( Black headlights ) and also packs a lot of energy while it was switched on and didn’t stop working no matter what the cause.

These were the same as halogen bulbs, but that made them run a lot was that it didn’t contain any sort of filament which was needed to be heated or any such thing like that but the entire bulb was filled with xenon gas which was much more efficient as the gas only would illuminate when reacted with electricity. This tends to create a plasma which can be seen through the naked eye and not at all harmful. But this wasn’t the case with halogen bulbs as even while having direct contact with the bulb it would result in temporary blindness, Color changing halo headlights and some worst case scenarios would lead to permanent damage to the eyes.

Xenon Headlights

They have a brighter luminosity range which makes it was better than halogen lights. But what made this efficient and usable was that it had xenon gas filled in the bulb itself which made the range and the brightness factor much more adjustable, Xenon Projector Headlights for cars also made it much more convenient to be used in most of the vehicles. This was possible by controlling the electricity input to the headlights.

These were the advantages and the specialty of these headlights. But then there were some disadvantages as well.


  • They had the tendency to cast a glare on the opposite side of the driver in the vehicle which made it impossible of the driver to see and might cause fatal accidents as well in some worst case scenarios.


  • All these could be overcome by better positioning the headlights for better luminosity and better Range of the headlight.

But comparatively HID are much preferable than halogen lights as they enable us to have much more control over the lighting factor with much less heat produced and also allow a much longer life duration of the headlights.

In later, Recent advancements in the automotive industry, there have been some newer kinds of lights which are much smaller as well as efficient than the other two known as light emitting discharge or also known as LED light. What made these kinds of light famous is that its compact nature and also its way of maneuverability of the light around the car.

Features of Xenon lights

  • Those sorts of features, it made it just fantastic for the car manufacturers to play with the HID headlights and also make it possible for any form of shape and sizes.
  • These were more responsive and also much more reliable as well as being more and more efficient when compared to the other two.
  • Xenon led headlights don’t need much energy for its illumination but just require a small amount t of electricity for its usage.
  • They have the ability to move from high beam to low beam within a flash without any sort of fluctuations whatsoever.

Another specialty was that it has the capability to almost eliminate glare onto the oncoming driver on the other side of the road as there wasn’t much light of high brightness which made it possible for a smooth ride without making any sacrifices to the luminosity range of the light whatsoever.LED’s you require very less energy for it to function and even the heat generated is really less when compared to the other two kinds of headlights. But this has a side effect.

  • These types of lights sure do emit heat and light at the same time but then they release heat at the bottom where all the circuitry.
  • The connection is there which makes it a lot more vulnerable for it not to have a long lifespan.
  • Then there should be a heat sink for it to stay calm which is nothing but a cooling system which is really expensive and also a lot more vulnerable.

It makes cost rocket sky high and makes it a lot harder to work with than the other to kind of headlights. But xenon headlights vs led lights this was in general about what the types of lights available out there for your personalisation. But then the light what each kind of halogen lights illuminate is different from each other and also has its tint to go with.

Then even though you select a particular type of headlight you need to aware of the color and the intensity of light that it imparted of the road such that it fits perfectly into the kind of beacon that you desire to have installed. But the color of the light is very important when you choose any light.

Users of Xenon Lights

  • It doesn’t vary in brightness or the heat generated but only gives the car a much better look and also enhances the visibility range of the vehicle in general.
  • This is measured on a Kelvin scale and the yellow tint what you see in cars limits your visibility range and the cooler the light gets the much better range it has in covering much more surface area.

In general, people prefer blue color in their light as it’s is much safer to the eyes and also looks kind of cool Xenon headlights bmw on the vehicle that you install. Another use of these types of lighting is that it is much more guarded and also fiver a more natural look and prevents staining of the eyes.

Aftermarket Headlights

  • This kind of light is only suited to roads and not on off roading. But I’d you go off roading the best light for you would be to pick a headlight which has more luminosity range and also produces a lot of light altogether.
  • This Improves visibility and enhances the chances of you avoiding any large-scale obstacles on the course that you might be heading.
  • On roads, a bluish light goes hand in hand with the cars that you drive. But this is what are the types you hey out there.
  • For all this may not come in the stock car that you might drive. To get these kinds of headlight there are spare parts separately which are called aftermarket parts. But in referring to this context we have aftermarket headlamps for Car.

They vary from a wide range of parts going from very low luminosity of light to extremely high brightness range of the beacon. There is a wide range available for each and every one. But what you need to look for in these parts is that your choice of the car and what will look best on the car of yours. Other than this you need to be sure what would look better on that car of yours. It will narrow your option even fast and help you select the right headlight for your vehicle. But then keep in mind that what you require and what you need. Never deviate from your choice but make sure that you are confident in what you purchase.

Best Aftermarket headlights For Car

Make sure that you are looking for Aftermarket headlight bulbs your requirements that might be better road visibility or just the beautiful part of your car.

Installation of Aftermarket Headlights & review

The choice is all up to you. But even after all this, you need to make sure that the voltage supply of those headlights matches the requirements of the car and doesn’t need any other sources for its functionality. But the main other points which you have to keep in mind is the cost factor.

  • These headlights can range anywhere from being really cheap to be highly expensive.
  • It all comes down to you as to what will look best and what should the headlight do, whether to remove the road or just to make the vehicle look better and nice altogether.

Now that we are talking about Aftermarket headlights let’s take a look at some which excel in their field and they are at the top of their game in today’s generation.

Fahren H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs

These low beam headlights are the best of their game and also offer a wide selection in this particular model as well. What makes these special is that it has the ability to empower high amount t of bright light on the road as these a gas filled and at the same time not produce any sort of glare onto the oncoming driver which is a huge benefit while driving during the night time.

  • Designed in such a way that they don’t have any adverse outcome but only provide bright light throughout.
  • They are angled in such a way that they do not on have the ability to illuminate the entire road but also have the capacity to provide enough energy to cover the whole road ahead of them.
  • It ensures that the glare generated at the minimal and also have the capability of having a lot of lot more efficiency while it illuminates the bright light.

The color temperature of this sort of light is around 6000K which produces bright light which is generally with a hint of blue in color and provides a more natural illumination altogether. But what makes this even more unique is that this is a HID kit which enables it to last long.

Installation of Fahren H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs

  • The installation of these Types of headlights doesn’t amount to more than 20 mins as they come with a manual and all sorts of side accessories which you can play.
  • They just need to be plugged into the vehicle, and it’s ready to go.
  • There is need to cut any sort of wires but a simple procedure which can be followed through the manual that comes with the kit.
  • It has only a gas filled in the entire headlight which makes it durable and the driver has full control of the light.
  • They don’t need any sort of filament for its light illuminating process. But then the color temperatures in these kinds of bulbs are around 8000K which is extremely bright and could be used in off-roading machines.

Installation Of Fahren H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs

They have a higher efficiency rate as they take in less energy but dissipate more energy. The pricing of these bulbs are Very cheap headlights and can be bought by anyone to have the installed into their vehicle, but the experience what you will get out of these is a really good one and it does the job well without any sort of problems or failures and give you a really bright and durable lighting experience altogether.

OPT 7 LED Headlights

This bad boy isn’t meant for the normal usage. But is mentioned for appalling conditions of weather and also can illuminate any darkens of terrain with utmost ease and without any problems. These headlights are perfect for such terrains and will never give any challenges.

Each LED install this has a 6000K light emitting diode which enables it to produce brilliant and white light over a large distance at a luminosity range of 7000. What makes these special is they have multiple LED’s lined up together creating a lot more of light with really less amount of energy and making it dazzling.

  • They have the state of the art LED bulbs which make it one the brightest LED’S out there that can ever be fitted onto a vehicle.

Opt7 led fog lights have a high fitting factor as these headlights not only are designed to fit properly but come with a separate housing factor which helps in making it more convenient for the light to be mounted in any headlight housing there is out there.

Another unique feature about this Opt7 led h11 LED lights is that it all waterproof and housed in a rugged structure making sure that no matter what you threw at it the LED’s will perform how it performs since the day you first switched them on.

Installation of OPT 7 LED Headlights

    • These headlights don’t mess around as they have a 20 mins installation period which is quick and fast with Opt7 led installation guide.
    • They come with all the attachments required for its installation such that it is speedy and quick and takes a less time to get some bright lighting onto the car.
    • These headlights have the ability to be functioning for more than 50000 hours and also have no problems in the end.
    • It looks it also houses an aluminum casing which does all of the work in making it the most durable lighting experience available out there.

Uses of OPT 7 LED Headlights

  • These are really reliable and never fail you no matter what. They will work even on the rugged situations and also make sure that it provides the bright illuminating light at all times without any sort of problems or failures.
  • Opt7 fluxbeam will give you an experience of your lifetime as they will brighten up any dark area with any challenges and will offer you a whole new lighting experience altogether.
  • These headlights are at the top their game is that they have a brilliant in-house heat extraction system.
  • It enables to have all excellent performance of the light as well as remove all the heat that might be ever generated to make it efficient at all times.
  • They tend to keep on working no matter what the road has to throw at them and making them just unbelievably amazing to have on your vehicle for an amazing experience while driving in the night time.

Sylvania Silver Star ultra

The headlights are made by a company who has dedicated every aspect of their ability in the manufacturing of these bulbs throughout their life so there has to be some sort of specialty in them all together. They are experts in what they do and also deliver Sylvania Silverstar Ultra  quality products which are mainly targeted to the aftermarket region of the automotive industry. If in case buy any of these products you sure will know that they have a really long lasting life and also you will have a great experience in using them. With a lot of seeing further see wider and see better go sure do know that you have bought a product which will never let you down.

  • The product which we are talking about here is the newest on the line of the company and offers a really good lighting experience.
  • These are halogen headlights. But be aware that there is a twist in the bulbs as the bulbs are more or less really have a high beam in what they do.

Features of Sylvania Silver Star ultra

  • They have a tungsten filament which is illuminated through the current which is to be provided to the bulb and its illumination is due to the halogen gas around the bulb itself.
  • Sylvania lighting bulbs that this is no ordinary bulb as it has the ability to enhance your driving capability in the night time.
  • It is nothing like a standard halogen headlight but has a unique feature that allows it to enhance your viewing capability in the evening time and delivers it no matter what the cost.
  • The tungsten filament which is used in this bulb is more durable and also much resilient when compared to other bulbs and also has a different low expansion rate and also a high melting point.

It also features all sorts of malleable characteristics which separate them from the standard Types of Halogen bulbs that you might find out there. But it’s functionality is all the same as the halogen gas present inside the bulb reacts with the tungsten filament providing a bright luminous light which is constant and the beam coming it vibrant and bright with no sort of distortion whatsoever.


  • It also helps to keep the glass clear for any dust or dirt.
  • This product is that it enhances the road viewing capability and also elevate the contrast of the road at night times which make it much safer to drive in the evening time.
  • The product also provides a clearer picture of what is to come ahead of you in the night times.

Installation of Sylvania Silver Star ultra

The device, in general, is much more reliable as they offer a down the road illuminating light which eliminates glare in general and also helps In avoiding any sort of casualties in general. But the product is quite unique and different from others.

For the price which is cheap enough, it’s sufficient to say that they have the best lighting system for the cars and also the best at Sylvania zevo using halogen bulb as their first lamp. But their installation procedure is quite simple as it is just a plugin use device which comes with other manuals as well which enables you to Install the entire kit single handed and makes it very easy for it to be used all over again.

Philips Extra Vision Headlight

The name itself is enough for you to get to know that the products what come out are top notch and durable at all times. The product what we are discussing here is nothing standard as the lighting system over here tends to offer 130% more illumination factor than any other product out there.

  • Philips Xtreme Vision also have the ability to produce more light than anyone else and still be compact and durable while providing at what it does best.
  • The product comes in a dual enrollment as each one for a headlight. It’s efficient and famous for the way it works and also has a lot of light energy dissipating factor in them.

Its design is one thing as it allows you to do more with very less and also takes a lot less space than any other headlight out there. For a device that does Soo much while taking up such less space is something really innovative and also the device, in general, provides a powerful beam at all time without any sort of failure or problem whatsoever.

Making sure that stays the top at what it does and also making it the Best Aftermarket headlights f150 available out there. But this is not it. The light is mainly designed such that they can be fitted anywhere and also make it adjustable at all times. They come in various sizes and designs which allow you to make a better style statement about your car and also make it effective and efficient at times. But it doesn’t stop there as the enthusiasm of the company is to give durable and reliable products throughout whole taken up less energy and less space but only given bright and luminous light all throughout.

Features of Philips Extra Vision Headlight

  • So many different kinds of goods available, there are the ones who are having a color temperature of 3500K and also with a 60/55W performance scale which is just amazing and outstanding altogether.

  • Then the list of goodies doesn’t stop there as Philips Xtreme vision plus 130 h4 each of the glass which is fitted to the bulb is made out of UV-quartz glass making illumination and brightness factor really high and much more than expected.
  • It’s really reliable and also unique. It allows bright light to pass through the bulb and also provide a much better coverage at night times.
  • They are shock proof and also consists of a temperature resistant glass lens making it really amazing and also if u choose these headlights you are sure that nothing is ever going to go wrong.
  • They have 147 feet longer light beam making it no problem whatsoever to look or drive in the night time.
  • Even the reaction or the switching on time is all by just 2 seconds.
  • They have an incredible lifespan of about 450 hours of continuous usage capability.

The gas which is filled inside the bulb has a 13 bar high pressure which makes it illuminate the Philips xtreme vision h7 brightest of lights at all times. But the drawback is that the bulbs shouldn’t be touched as that might result in the oil to heat up and to result in the lesser lifespan of the bulb. But the cost is somewhere cheap and can be bought by anyone. They have a particular purpose and does justice when used in the right way possible.

OSRAM Night Breaker

This product is a halogen-powered device which is at the best of what it has to provide. The bulb sure does produce a Bright beam of light and also a pure enrichment of bright white light all throughout. Unlike the Phillips, this one gives about 110% luminosity range and also up to 40 m longer range of the device in whole. Making them the best you will get out there.​

Specifications of OSRAM Night Breaker

  • This is all possible Osram night breaker laser h7 & h11 with the luminosity factor which is altered in the bulb and making it bright and enabling you to see the road comfortably without any sort of problems whatsoever.
  • This lamp unique is that the filament used in this is much more efficient and also much more durable with a much better, efficient halogen gas which creates this sort of light mod also gives a tough competition to the other aftermarket headlights available out there.
  • It allows the naked eye to look at the bulbs directly without any squinting or causing any temporary blindness.
  • Osram night breaker unlimited on gives out clean and efficient lighting with really less heat and also doesn’t cause any harsh light. If you go for this, you will never require any other headlights at all.

The product comes with a twin bulbs one for each headlight. With a unique feature that enables it to be in any frame and also makes sure that it delivers what it’s designed to do at all times and just be a flush fit in any headlight housing, there is available out there.

You are not doing anything wrong in buying this as you know what you are purchase and the product is 100% genuine. The entire package is robust, durable and resistant to any wear and tear making it the best lighting solution available out there. Buying this product sure will help you to keep daylight with you at all times and making night times not a problem at all. This product can be purchased by anyone as it is cheap and also really efficient for the price at which the company is offering the product.