Best HID Headlight Bulbs:  High-intensity discharge headlights also known as HID bulbs are the type of lights which came out much after the invention of headlight bulbs. These are much more efficient and also sustainable to any sort of conditions you might put them through.

  • They have a wide application in the automotive sector of the industry. They are much more efficient and use less energy for its duration of light.
  • The light what they give out is really bright and also doesn’t require any sort of High intense voltage for its functionality.
  • They are brilliant and also are remarkable in what they do. They have the specialty go on forever and ever without any problems as well.
  • They require not much maintenance but only need sufficient amount of energy to make it work.

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These best headlights bulbs have a long-range of light that can be imparted on the road and also have a broad range that can be covered,  more than that their life span is also much higher and also tends to give you the best results for the money that you might have invested in these lamps.

HID Headlights For Cars

HID headlight are the ones that are widely used and give tough competition to LED’s as both of these have the same illuminating range and the light what comes out can cover the same distance as that of LED. So comparing these would be nothing different as both are almost the same, but other than this they function in whole various ways have they don’t have any filament that enables.

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Working For a HID Headlight

  • It works but has a xenon gas and a tungsten filament that help for its illumination, when electricity is passed through the bulb.
  • The power tends to excite the xenon gas particles and those creating holes which I turn makes it illuminate light of the desired color depending on the voltage that is supplied.

Other than this the cars of the modern generation come mostly fitted with HID headlights, but then they tend to wear off soon due to the inefficiency of the light in general, but even after this, there are several other ways by which you can keep them in top condition and also help in making that for a longer duration of time.

Specification of HID Headlight

  • HID headlights bulbs are not that familiar as of now as they tend not to last that long and also could be harmful to the human eye.
  • They tend to have the ability to produce a lot of glare which makes it impossible for the person the incoming side of the road.
  • It may cause a lot of problems and also tend to lead to a lot of accidents.
  • In many times, these headlights are tinted to reduce the glare as well, but then it all comes down to the positioning of the light on the vehicle to achieve maximum coverage of the raid during the night.

This all depends on the individual’s capability of placing it. Even if you don’t have HID headlights, there are plenty of options available out there that makes sure that you get the experience of bright illuminating light at the fraction of the cost, well HID headlights are on the expensive side, but then they tend to stay less as the aftermarket headlights tend to cost less.

Features of HID Headlight For Car

The pre-installed headlights aren’t that capable of providing the necessary brightness. Some might say that they can’t differentiate between high beam and low beam of the headlight but in recent advancements, there has been a significant amount of increase in the development of these headlights.

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They have overcome the factor of heat generated by these lamps. Most of the time the lifespan of these lights is calculated by the temperatures at which it can perform and also how fast the temperatures can be reduced in the headlights.

  • There are plenty of options that you might want to choose from that are adhered to the way you want it to look on your car.
  • There are numerous types of headlights that enable you to choose from and also help in making the right choice is something that entirely depends on the individual.
  • In the given context there are several other ways you can actually find out about the part that you want for your car.
  • Make sure that the headlight you buy has a perfect fitting and also ensure that they tend to suit the vehicle.

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Search the web in order to find out more about the part and if anything isn’t found then try to contact the manufacturer directly such that there are no more doubts regarding the headlight that you want to purchase. Make sure you have a clear kind as to what kind of light you are looking for and what is it’s a primary function going to be.

 Best 3 HID Headlights in 2021

  1. Innovited HID Xenon Conversion Kit
  2. OPT7  HID Kit
  3. Xtreme Vision HID Xenon Conversion Kit

Each headlight bulb is designed for a different kind, so select the right bulb for the right car to get the most out of what you might invest on the headlight itself and also, make sure that the color of the bulb that you buy goes hand in hand with the looks of the car as it might make it look dull or the right choice of color can make it a class apart.

But below are some of the best aftermarket headlights available for the HID headlights, In case you want to convert your existing pair of headlights into HID headlights.

They are the top of their game and also come reasonably cheaper than the others. But recent developments have made them much more advanced and also giving them a whole new lifespan and also making them much more efficient in all the ways possible.

In this article, we can discuss the best headlight bulbs kit you can buy.

Innovited HID Xenon Conversion Kit

If you are looking for the cheapest conversion kit available out there then these are the best there is in the lot, for a company that is not even known worldwide or in the country itself, they tend to provide a lot of brightness and also ensure that the light covers a lot of range, but from a company that isn’t even known and to be featured in the top hid headlight conversion kit out there, now that’s something special.

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But only from source, we get to know that these guys do tend to make products mainly for the automotive industry and that is Amazon.

They do tend to have a lot of positive feedback and also ensure that they have a lot of fan following.

Specification of Innovited HID Xenon Conversion Kit
  • Light Output: 3 times more light than halogen
  • Power: 35W
  • Color: 4,300K only
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Lifetime: 3 times longer than halogen
  • DOT/SAE: DOT compliant
  • Cost: $60.95 per bulb (D1S)

Many people love the product and are just amazing to see that for a known company there is so much demand for their products, but when you buy this product the packaging of this product is really neat and also really good.

Guiding and Installation For HID Driving Lights

If you have any problems, you can always contact the customer care service as they are excellent in what they do best and that is to guide you in installing the entire kit correctly.

The entire case is adamant and rigid which is shock proof and waterproof as well. The company claims that this product can run on any sort of climatic conditions and have a 5500 hours lifespan, which is truly remarkable? But then while installing this.

  • It comes with everything that u might ever require to install these hid driving lights into your vehicle.
  • They come with all sorts of clamps along with wires and the house a plug n play design which takes you no less than 20-30 mins to install as there no need to cut the wires but merely just plug it in and get along with it.
  • They are humorous as well as cool to talk. But if that doesn’t help then you still have the manuals and the instructions are clearly written on them to ensure a flush fit in the headlights itself.
  • The total brightness that they can give out is any about 35 Watts and have a slide span which not many HID lights can match up.
  • They also come with a one year warranty such that if anything goes wrong it can be replaced at all times.
  • The overall verdict would be that they are one small company offering such a great product is remarkably unusual. More than that they tend to cost less and provide an incredible customer care support.

They also tend to require a much longer period of actually lighting up. But other than this an excellent product and a fantastic choice for someone who wants to take up HID headlights as their headlights but isn’t sure about it.

How to Install HID Headlight Bulb, Here is the Video You can Check Here & Install the HID Headlight Bulb:

OPT7  HID Kit for Headlight Bulbs

OPT7 has been in the game of manufacturing of HID lamps since 2006, and then they have their products sold nationwide. More or less they tend to produce and provide outstanding products all the time. Though their attention might as well shift in providing bulb headlight, their touches in HID headlights remain the same.

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  • This company is a California-based company which is famous for it’s all in one product which sells a lot in the USA.
  • The product features a bullet kind of design in the ballast; well ballast is really small and requires nothing for its mounting.
  • It can directly be installed on the headlight and can function properly without any mounts or such. But along with the product, there are other sorts of relay harnesses which tend to go along with the device.

It is basically to avoid any fluctuations or voltage spikes which tend to have a toll if not taken care. But the product comes with all this covered and doesn’t require anything else for its protection. The ballast is minuscule and you might as well be wondering that it might be inefficient but that’s where you’re wrong.

Specification of OPT7  HID Kit for Headlight Bulbs
  • Light Output: 3 times brighter than halogen
  • Power: 35W
  • Color: Full range available 3,000K – 30,000K
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Lifetime: longer lasting
  • DOT/SAE: not specified
  • Cost: $34
  • Hours: 4500hr

These HID ballast features a blitz ASIC 3000 HID chipset which enhances the brightness of the bulb to over 300 times more than the standard bulb and increases the intensity on the darkest of roads remarkably high.

The lamp is designed and made in such a way that the small nature shouldn’t fool anyone for the capability that it has to offer.

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The bulb is made out of a UV-cut quartz Z-arc glass and also the bulb is color calibrated which means to say that they tend to have the ability to impart color on whatever the temperature they are made to give color.

Installation Process of  OPT7  HID Kit

So you can use this tension free and just enjoy the light that it impacts of that you can find easily headlight bulb finder in here could be in competition with other bulb manufacturers as well. But in the end, these products are very easy to install and doesn’t need any sort of help.

They exceeded all the expectation from a regular HID headlight as these were way brighter and better in all the way possible, and also the main factor is they the efficiency of them, and the brightness what it imparted on the road made it just fantastic for the driver to see through clearly in the night-time and also improved visibility on a drastic scale.

Xtreme Vision HID Xenon Conversion Kit

The Company that makes these HID headlights is Philips and what we have learned till now is that they beat at what they do and they don’t belong to the xenon category of lights but belong to the HID headlights as even on their site these headlights are classified under the HID segment. When you order the kit, the kit comes in a neat and sleek packaging.

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It comes with everything and anything that you might need to install it with ease and without any problems. Also, some headlights might need a battery harness or a canceled cable which come with the kit but on request, and you will have to pay extra, but other than this the entire package is durable and is efficient in every way possible.

Specification of Xtreme Vision HID Xenon Conversion Kit
  • Light Output: 3,200 lumens, 300% of halogen
  • Power: 35W
  • Color: 3,000K – 8,000K
  • Warranty: not specified
  • Lifetime: 3,000 hours
  • DOT/SAE: not specified
  • Cost: $28.85 for 2 bulbs (D2R)

Hence use them however you want and just enjoy. Although for the price of $28 dollars, it is a bargain that you can ask for as they are very easy to install and they also tend to illuminate really Bright blue headlight bulbs which are brighter than that of a standard halogen bulb.

At this price and it offers such amazing features, it is a must but for the people who are looking in to buy HID headlight bulbs for a car for a cheap rate but provide the best results. But check when you get your product as many complained that the lights never switched on or they were faulty. So ensure that you have the right package or go on for something better.

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