LED’s are one of the best sources of fog light due to their compact nature and high luminous efficiency. They can generate a lot of energy with a lot less power. This way their applications are limitless but to an extent of how they are being used. Though they might be expensive, they are at the top of the game in lighting up or brightening up a particular region or area.

It takes care of them properly they can go for years together without any sort of problem, but the only disadvantage of these times magic pieces is that they tend to heat up a lot. Due to their compact nature, they have the tendency to heat up real quick and cause the LED to fail or burn. To prevent this you need to attach all the LED’s in a strip and also make sure that they have heat cavities to allow the heat to escape. This will make sure that they have a long life and also keep up to the standards given by the manufacturers.

LED fog light

  • LED’s are very sensitive to heat and temperatures and also require the optimum temperature for its proper functionality.
  • They are expensive but then they tend to last longer than other sources of led fog lights out there.
  • They also are fragile, but with good use, they last for a long time as well.
  • The applications of LED’s are plenty. They could be utilized for decorative purposes such as lighting, or other innovative reasons.
  • It can also be used in providing artificial light for the growth of plants as well.

The LED’s can be altered however the individual wants and get the required color that he or she likes. As this is achieved by the alteration of current flowing through the LED and making it illuminate the desired colors. But the LED’s sure do come in various sizes and shapes which also require a lot of power to illuminate a lot of light. But these vary from design and places of their applications.

Xenon Fog Light

    • The last but not the least Use of Fog Light is in cars.
    • Due to its flexibility and small or compact nature, the designers of the automotive industry just live using a light on this machine as it gives out a premium look and feels to the device.
    • It also helps in the design aspect of the vehicle.
    • There is some Xenon light which is brilliant and very efficient which can even melt snow and create pathways in the icy areas. Such sorts of LED’s are known as fog lamps.
    • Fog lamps are nothing but the lights which are present on the bases of the cars which can penetrate the thick fog and allow the driver to see what’s coming its way.
    • It acts as a safety feature but also plays a vital part in the design aspect as well.
    • In some cars, the LED lighting provide enough light to drive in the night while some cut through the terrible night and thick fog to enable us to see what’s coming.

But when you have fog lamp fitted on your vehicle you have the comfort of driving tension free as it helps you to see the road ahead and doesn’t create any sort of problems which might cause accidents. Well, when we talk about fog lights here are any in the market at present which is really amazing and worth the price as well.

They could be best in design or in value but they sure do have their use in the automotive industry.

Different Types Of LED Fog Lamps

LED headlights maybe the best for a car owner but it lasts longer than the person having a halogen bulb installed. But in general, all the LED’s mentioned below are the top of their game and deliver lights which can impart or travel a lot more distance than expected.

  • They have a long lasting life if maintained adequately and also can keep the fog clear such that you can drive with peace and cause no accidents whatsoever.The LED’s come with a kit which will instruct you in how to install the product onto the vehicle of
  • The LED’s come with a kit which will instruct you in how to install the product onto the vehicle of led driving lights or anywhere else, entirely depends on your desire.

But LED’s are mainly used to give a sophisticated look to the car and also reduces the energy what a halogen bulb takes but use the fraction of that energy and provide even better luminosity at a fraction of the halogen bulbs price. Now let’s check out which one of those fog LED lights are the best and the ones who are up to the task of doing what they are told to do.

Nilight 2Pcs 18W 1260LM Spot Driving For Light

The nilight 2PCS isn’t meant for the ordinary, but these are heavy duty LED Headlights which are robust and for the worthy contender for the top spot in the market for the best-LED fog lights available out there. These LED’s does everything right and has no sort of failure whether it’s torrential rains or think fog; they just tend to keep going on and on no matter what.

  • The company produces these LED’s which are robust and as well as they are heavy duty to withstand hours together of have without any fluctuations and any failure.
  • Only provides clear yellow fog light capable of any weather conditions.
  • This is achieved by its design and its materials used while manufacturing of this product in general.

Functioning of Nilight Spot Driving Light

These LED’s have better dissipation of heat when compared to another sort of LED’s and also have a better heat sink to suck out all the air and keep the LED’s fresh and functioning for a longer period. From Best headlight Bulbs,Already Discussed earlier heat is the primary factor which determines who long or how durable the LED performs under certain conditions.

    • Heat is the primary reason developers tend to fit as much of heat sink to keep providing the LED’s with more and more of clean and cold air which increases its lifespan, and also its efficiency along with performance.
    • This is enclosed in its aluminum casing which offers a lot of protection as well as Increases durability.
    • All these additional features add up almost more than 30000 hours of the continuous functionality of the device without any sort of fluctuations or short circuits.
    • The device is not just fitted with any ordinary lights, but these LED’s have the capability of having a concentrated and bright spot beam which means to say that the beam which comes out of the light is high intensity and smart.
    • The light doesn’t get scattered and gets concentrated in a Nilight light bar particular area which increases the ability to see things in pitch darkness without any sort of problems.
    • The entire circuitry is housed in an aluminum case which tends to protect it from any wear and tear.
    • It also includes a waterproof rubber pad which is industrial resistant to any amount of water thrown at it that’s why this is also used in boats and ships.
    • There is a silicone sealing strip which is close to welding the aluminum case together but it isn’t.
    • It provides a really tight seal that even a drop of water cannot enter the device.

All this is properly enclosed by fastening screws which makes it 100 times better than other LED fog lights as they can be easily opened but not with any screwdriver but the pattern which is on top of the screw. Making this a safe and secure device with no problems whatsoever for a really long time. These Nilight led fog lights ​are quake-proof as well meaning it can withstand shocks and vibrations which can go up to the level of an actual Earthquake.

LED Fog lights for Cars

These are durable and robust making it the best-selling light illuminating device out there. When the light illuminates out of this device there are no dark spots left out as the dark spots are completely eliminated and u just get a feeling of daylight at pitch darkness.

  • This comes switch an installation guide which makes it easy for you to Install it anywhere you would wish to install.
  • It is very easy and also there are no wires involved which have to be cut or soldered but just a flush and smooth installation.
  • There is no sort of modification required as everything gets adapted to the new housing wherever it is being installed and gives the best results at all times.
  • If this seems a bit off, then the company also offers a two-year warranty which comes standard with all nilight products.
  • In general, the product is simple, clean, and rigid and we’ll build. Due to many satisfied customers, they are the best-selling Cheap fog lights available out there for a price which I think almost everyone can afford as it is not that high or that low but just in average.

Auxbeam 2Pcs LED Light For Car

The Auxbeam 2Pcs are tiny but really powerful. They stock a powerful discharge of light which makes them come right below the nilight. They have been the 2nd best in the market and also are at the top of their game. This Auxiliary lights are powerful and produces a luminosity of about 1260-1800 which is more Jan enough to penetrate through the deepest of dogs in bright daylight or pitch darkness. What makes them even more unique is its lifespan.

Features of Auxbeam 2Pcs LED Light

  • These also have another feature in them which allows them to be the best of their game. The ability of them to move around for about 60 degrees is remarkable.
  • This makes it maneuver in the tightest of spots and also make it every easier to reach the darkest of places and illuminate light with no problem whatsoever.

The entire device comes with an Installation kit which will guide you through each and every step of how to attach any sort of equipment or part onto the vehicle without any problems as they have explained Auxbeam led headlight review in detail which will take you from start to finish and you yourself will get a flush finish of the product on the vehicle.

The lights come in a package of two. These two can be useful in several ways but which is on a small scale but then if you buy a set of four the intensity of the light doubles giving you a daylight kind of feel even in the darkest of places. It can be mounted anywhere and everywhere but it in boats as they are not that waterproof. It can be installed on military vehicles, off-roading machines and other heavy duty machinery which needs Intense lighting at the darkest of nights. They work at around 40-85 ° Celsius.

Uses of auxbeam

  • The entire casing is made up of aluminum which is rigid and gives the device a premium feels. The headlights are IP67 marked.
  • This means Auxiliary lights for Cars that the device can withstand water of about 1 meter in depth and function proper without fail.
  • The entire package comes with mounting brackets and screws and nuts. All of them are rust off and made out of stainless steel.
  • The mounting brackets are adjustable according to the owner’s desire. The device can be taken from the vehicle by just sliding it off the rail of the vehicle.
  • The efficiency of cooling isn’t neglected over here. They have a vertical cooling fan at the back which brings in enormous amounts of heat generated out of the aluminum casing and brings in fresh, clean air to keep all calm and to function for an extended period.
  • The specialty of this device is that it runs only on 18 watts of power which makes it economical and durable as well.


Weight: 2.6lbs

  • The Auxbeam headlights is made to be portable and provide maximum brightness at all times. And also provide a boost in illuminating the night sky.
  • This is all achieved as the device has something called as flood optic beam pattern which is fitted to the device and provides optimum coverage of area without any sort of problems.
  • This product is recommended to those who travel a lot at night times and looking for something which is more convenient and efficient at the same time.

Icebeamer Xenon Fog Light Bulb

Those HID bulbs which can be used as a LED but do the let it cool you as this is tiny but packs a lot of power to illuminate in the darkest of places with ease. What makes this sell is the really attractive price tag which is around $6.18. And also what makes this on our list is that the product has got several positive reviews from various users and also been fruitful and lived up to the level of marketing they had done for this particular product.

  • These sure will get the job done for you in illuminating something, but it’s just for the prices that are looking for a cheaper option of lighting up a particular place or region.
  • But this is design just to fit in your vehicle and provide enough light to get the way straight and also provide ample light up to its capability. But during the manufacturing of this particular device or LED.
  • The manufacturers took their own sweet time to perfect everything which the LED’s couldn’t provide and make something big at the cost of nothing.

That was their main aim and they achieved it with style. When they can out with this product and tested it out the results what they got was outstanding and really remarkable when compared to any HID vs LED lighting. But when you fit this into your vehicle and go to any gray area will never experience any difficulties in tracing out the fog and also making the food look it wasn’t there In the first place. All this is because of its proper beam pattern which is illuminated by the bulb.

JDM Astar Fog lights

  • The main reason for the production of these headlights is to replace the standard halogen headlights and produce a lot of light which illuminates the entire area for better visibility on the road and also provide a better driving experience.
  • The main selling point of these kinds of bulbs is that it’s plug n use feature which requires no wires whatsoever to be corrected anywhere and make a flush and seamless for all together.

Uses of JDM fog light

    • These kinds of headlights are very famous in the top brands of the automotive industry.
    • By adding this LED’s it sure will give you a lot more visibility and also will let you see through thick fog and other adverse climatic conditions.
    • These bulbs have an emission of ultra-bright 6000K light emitting capability which can brighten up even the darkest of a night and blow over the dense fog with no problems at all.
    • The main reason behind such high level of luminosity is that each bulb has five pairs of micro LED’s which give you a total of ten LED.

But once switched on they will be switched on it as they don’t tend to have a fluctuating system as what you might find in cars.

These are fog lights and just have one steady illumination of light throughout. But then when you compare these with those cheap rip offs, you will come to know what the difference is and how you can make a big difference by just investing a bit more and getting something which will last forever and that too from a reputed company which uses sophisticated methods to the manufacturer its bulbs.


    • This sure makes it vulnerable for the individual to buy it and install it and see the difference of the light which will make the driving experience a much better and much safer one, and for the price.
    • It sure is a bargain that you could ask for. It is much better and much more reliable than the cheaper ones but has a long life and a bright illuminating light overall.
  • Its unique feature is that they don’t come Sunday that much energy and are very efficient and produce a lot more of brightness as well.
  • As mentioned above, installation is very easy and is just a plug and okay system which will be done in no time at all.
  • The manufacturing of Easy bulb setup these lights takes place in the most sophisticated way possible.
  • The finest of materials to ensure superior precision and also ensure complete uniformity with a longer bulb life and higher luminosity.
  • Due to their high-level manufacturing ways, they are very durable and also last for a long time making them waterproof along with shock proof.
  • Shook proof as they consist of shock absorbers which take in the shocks whenever any sort of shocks is applied. The company is known for Jdm Astar Review its sleek and amazing quality products but also known for its HID conversions. The company doesn’t manufacturer only this, but also they manufacturer other types of bulbs such as xenon HID headlights which are used by a lot of cars for their headlights.
  • The main feature of these bulbs is that they can be used underwater and in adverse climatic conditions of foggy and rainy due to its housing which is 100% rainproof and doesn’t allow even a single drop of water to enter the house and also houses a fan.
  • This feature makes it seek a lot and also makes it the best for a very cheap rate and delivers what it is advertised to perform.

Boltlink LED fog light

You could call these Heavy Duty Led Lights lights as this entire package comes with 35 LED fog lights which tell us that no matter how rough the condition of the road maybe with zero visibility due to fog, it will make way for you to see what’s happening and also ensure that the driver has a clear vision.

Uses of Boltlink LED fog light

  • These 35 LED’s are robust and reliable.
  • Best fog light color is capable of making pitch dark turn into daylight and has a scatter-free system which lets it emit the light directly onto the road with zero dark spots.
  • This also ensures that not even a single area is left out which isn’t illuminated.
  • Water Resistant or Waterproof.
  • The installation procedure is kind of different as there are different sizes which will have to fit in the headlights depending on the specifications of the car.
  • The many bulbs range from H16, H11, H9, H7, 9006, N9005 and PSX24.

Philips X-Treme vision LED fog light

In today’s generation, the days of halogen headlights are slowly fading away as the new era of LED is coming into the picture. But talking about this device, this comes directly with the state of the art fitting method which goes exactly into the socket of the headlight and has no problem whatsoever in its functionality. The Philips X-treme Vision lights are the one for all the vehicles which are running out there on the road as the provide a seamless finish along with a stunning look with the led vs xenon headlights.

Generally, LED’s have a heat sink to take out all the hot air but in these, they feature a new technology known as air flux thermal design which cools down the LED’s automatically when it senses that it is going beyond the standard temperature and bring it down to a more substantial temperature.

It ensures the longevity of the LED’s and also the greater functionality of the entire device.

      • They are built to last as they are very rigid and also deliver a brilliant luminous light which can brighten up the whole road and was mainly introduced such that it can give a stiff competition to the halogen bulb.
      • These lights have a higher rate of efficiency and delivering of bright light at a constant rate without any disturbance or fluctuations whatsoever.
      • If anything were to happen then not to worry as the philips xtreme vision h4 vs osram night breaker plus h4 Vision fog LED lights to come with a three-year warranty to take care of all those damages and replace it for free of cost.
  • This sure makes it vulnerable for the individual to buy it and install it and see the difference of the light which will make the driving experience a much better and much safer one, and for the price.
  • It sure is a bargain that you could ask for. It is much better and much more reliable than the cheaper ones but has a long life and a bright illuminating light overall.

Every light illuminating device follows a particular pattern but then in this instrument, there is a patented, Philips xtreme vision plus 130 h4safe beam technology which represents me the same pattern at is created by the halogen bulb but this is much more efficient and much brighter.

These bright lights when fitted to a vehicle are more concentrated towards the raids rather than on the eyes of the other driver.

  • They are safe and also helps in Clearing up of the fog to see what is coming up next.
  • They are much more reliable and prevent accidents from happening which makes them much more stable and much more accident-free features on a vehicle.
  • Then not all vehicles could have this as these are expensive but worth every penny.
  • They get the job done and also do Not sacrifice on any of the features whatsoever.
  • When u purchase one of these they are really very easy to install and doesn’t require any help from any expert but it’s like a DIY project in a whole.

The kit with which it comes with can fit with almost all the cars which ever are running on the roads but make sure that you check the product with your vehicle whether or not will it fit before buying the product. But the luminosity of the color which they impart is at about 6000K which is more than enough to break through the dense fog with no problem at all and just got through it like it was nothing.

Xenon Philips X-Treme vision LED fog light

  • It enables the driver to see every bit of the raid and also helps in making driving a shared memorable experience.
  • This is possible not only because of its color temperatures but also because of the inclusion of xenon into the unit itself.

What xenon does is it amplifies the rate at which the light is coming out and takes it to a Philips Xtreme vision plus 130 review whole new level of brightness which can be very useful in making the low-level light turn into the high level without using any source of external energy other than powering the poorly lit LED.

  • This is a delightful and exquisite piece of LED that will get you the most amount of visibility in the darkest of nights and also allow you to see through the thick fog without any problems.

A product which one and all should have fitted in their vehicle if they can afford the $124 price tag. Therefore the choice is all yours whether you want this or anything else, depending on the vehicle and the terrain you live in go to the best suitable one and these products will never let you down.

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